Friday, January 31, 2020

Added: FIRST REIT (Jan 2020) again

Bought another 24,000 shares of FIRST REIT on 29 Jan at $1.
Total holding of FIRST REIT increased to 48,000 shares.

Reasons for buying:
Same reason as why i bought 24,000 shares on 23 Jan (Link).

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

SOLD: Keppel Infra Trust

Sold my 45,000 shares of Keppel Infra Trust on 28 Jan at $0.525.
Total profit of $4060.53 (19.5%) in 9 months.

Reason for selling:
1) Near to 52w high

2) Wuhan virus
Seem like the virus might get worst and this will impact the global stock market.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Projecting my 2020 Dividend amount

As mentioned in my Dec 2016 blog post (Link), my target dividend to achieve in 2020 is $6,985.

Current portfolio as of 27 Jan
No.CountersNo. of Shares
1Keppel Infrastructure Trust45,000
4HongKongLand USD12,000
5First REIT24,000

Keppel Infra Trust
Jan     : $418.50
Apr    : $418.50*
July    : $418.50*
Oct    :  $418.50*
Projected dividend received in 2020: $1674

Jan     : $250*
Apr    : $250*
July    : $250*
Oct    :  $250*
Projected dividend received in 2020: $1000

May     : $155*
Projected dividend received in 2020: $155

HongKongLand USD
Mar     : $2590*
Aug     : $970*
Projected dividend received in 2020: $3560

First REIT
Jan     : $516*
Apr    : $516*
July    : $516*
Oct    :  $516*
Projected dividend received in 2020: $2064

TOTAL projected dividend received in 2020: $8453

Look like I will be able to hit my target of $6,985 in 2020 thanks to the newly added First REIT few days ago (Link).

However, with the fear of Wuhan virus and possibility of bear market coming, I might sell some of the stocks to lock in profit.

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Added: FIRST REIT (Jan 2020)

Bought 24,000 shares of FIRST REIT on 23 Jan at $1.

Reasons for buying:
1) Upcoming Q4 dividend should have at least 2.15cents/share.
    This is a juicy 8.6% dividend yield based on buying price of $1. 
    Q4 result will be releasing on Wed 29 Jan.
2) P/B 1
    I am the kind of investor who do not like to pay any premium for any shares. So P/B 1 is kind of        my limit.
3) Quarterly dividend payment

Key risks:
1) Rights Issue 
I am quite surprise that since OUE became one of the sponsor since 2018, they have not 'dump' any of their asset to First Reit. 
If this really happen, then we might expect Rights Issue which shareholder must prepare for that to happen.  
2) Earliest lease expiry is in Aug 2021. 
Lease renewal is also one of the concern that cause the stock price to drop and maintain at such low price. 
In total, there are 5 expiry in 2021 and the next one in Dec 2025. 
There are rumour that the renewal will be unflavourable to First Reit such as it will be in IDR.
3) Reputation of both sponsors
Lippo is having their own financial issues and OUE is famous for dumping unflavourable terms to their REIT.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Performance appraisal of my 2019 portfolio

My KPI for 2019 is to achieve minimally $5,985 of dividends (See post).

Actual amount for 2019: S$9,240.86

There is a big jump from 2018 dividend amount to 2019 dividend amount all thanks to Sasseur REIT (Link).

Since this is a one off event, thus I wont be revising my 2020 dividend target amount as I dont think I will be able to receive dividend higher than $9,240 in year 2020.  

As i had already achieved my 2019 dividend target sometime in Apr 2019, i set myself another target in Apr 2019 (Link) of achieving $200,000 portfolio by end of 2019.

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1Keppel Infrastructure Trust45,000
4HongKongLand USD12,000

Portfolio market value as of 3rd Jan 2020: $165,598
[$140,598 (Exclude 38,700 Perennial shares held in CPFIS) + $25k war chest]
1USD: SGD1.35

Unfortunately, I did not hit this $200,000 portfolio target.

If Hong Kong riot had ended and HongKongLand share price went back to its USD6.80 level, I will be nearer to my $200,000 portfolio.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Review: HYDRA S7 Robot Vacuum (The Best Robot in 2020??)

I am a first time owner of Robot vacuum and this post is reviewing on the latest HYDRA S7 Robot Vacuum with mop.

The seller did a great comparsion table with one of the best robot vacuum in the market which is the Roborock S6.
Head to Head comparsion of the spec, clearly the latest Hydra S7 Robot is a winner.
Alot of graphical image is being used to illustrate the specs and capability of the Hydra S7 too which you can easily find it over here.

After using it for 2 weeks, I am very happy with this Hydra S7 (Vacuum + Mop feature) given that it is just SGD300+ in Qoo10 comparing to Roborock S6 at SGD599 in Qoo10.

It is a no brainer to buy Hydra S7 that have a better spec and nearly 50% cheaper than the famous Roborock S6.


1) Great job done in SWEEPING + MOPPING 

Did a few rounds of housewarming, I would say Hydra S7 did a great job in sweeping + mopping the sticky floor back to its clean state EVERYTIME.

Thanks to its 2300 Pa Suction power + Large 560 ml water tank + Large mop rag.

The amount of dirts collected in the dust box and mop rag shows how efficient and effective Hydra S7 is.

 *Two thumb UP*

2) Good cable management

I love it that I can coil and hide the excess cable inside the docking so that it look neat and tidy.

3) Easy to setup and user friendly APPS

I did not experience any difficulty from unboxing to kickstart my very first cleaning. It is very user friendly.

4) Indicator LED light status

Aside from looking stylish, it also have LED light status that is visible to tell you the status of it if it is charging in process, battery full and etc.
It is also clever enough to warn you with RED LED light if let say you insert a water tank but did not insert the mop rag.

5) Product consumables lifespan

In the app, it also show you the lifespan of its accessories so that you will know when it is time to replace it.

6) Mini brush

This mini brush is very useful especially during emptying the dust box. 
A deep thought was given to hide this mini brush under the flip over of the robot make it very user friendly so that it will not get missing.

7) Great unboxing experience

Instead of using those thin cardboard like most others, the cardbox used is of good quality and thick. This give a great protection to the Hydra S7 robot vacuum against the rough handling during the delivery.

All items are placed nicely and neatly.
Very pleasant to the eyes too.

8) Super value for money
Hydra S7 at SGD300+ in Qoo10 VS Roborock S6 at SGD599 in Qoo10.

A better spec Hydra S7 selling at nearly 50% cheaper than the famous Roborock S6.


1) Floor is WET although the 'Water Seepage' setting is set to "Low" in mopping mode

2) Battery drop 20+% after 8 hours of standby/sleep mode

Even in standby/sleep mode for 8 hours, the battery dropped 20+%.
To solve this, I just switched off the robot before I went to bed and on it back before I leave the house.

3)  Schedule clean does not work without WiFi

If you have the habit of switching off your WiFi when you leave your house, the robot will not be able to start the cleaning with your pre-set timing. 
To solve this, I bought a timer plug for my WiFi router where it will auto switch on and off at your specific timing.

4) Stuck if you have floor cloth

If you are using large floor carpets, the robot have not issue going over it.
However, if you are using those lightweight floor cloth, then the robot will get stuck with it.
To solve this, you will need to set virtual wall zone (no go zone) OR remember to remove the floor cloth.
I think most robots are facing this issues at this moment.

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