Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Added: Capitaland Mall Trust

Bought 16,500 shares of CMT on 28th Nov at $1.90
If you had read my post yesterday, you will know that I sold off my 20,000 shares of Frasers Centrepoint Ltd to fund this purchase (Read here)  

I had previously bought CMT at $1.87 in Nov and Dec 2015 (Read here) and sold it at $2.15 on Jun 2016 (Read here). 

Seeing the price drop back to $1.90, so mai tu liao (don't wait any longer), fast hand fast leg go in and buy.

Reasons for buying CMT:
1) PB value at 1 (Although there are many good stocks with PB value below 1, but based on history, CMT rarely have a PB value below 0.9)
2) Div yield at 5.9%
3) Quarterly dividend payout
4) Had been eyeing on CMT ever since I sold it in Jun 2016 (Read here, Read here, Read here
5) Big brothers is buying too - $172k worth of CMT

6) See a similar trend for CMT on the past 3 yrs??
How many times you spot the following conditions:
  • Stock price fell below 1.95
  • Stock price raise above 2.10
(Hint: I had mark it with a green UP arrow)

So here we are, CMT price is below $1.95 again.

To me, as long as CMT is below $2.00, I feel it is a good buy
Between $2.01 to $2.05, buy only if you have spare warchest to deploy or looking for good dividend stock for your portfolio.

Enjoy your retail shopping during this X'mas seasons

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SOLD: Frasers Centrepoint Ltd

Sold my 8,300 shares of FCL on 25th Nov at $1.535.
The shares was part sold at 5.04pm which give me a scare due to sell price hit.
Luckily, it is not few hundreds shares else I will still need to pay the min comm to the broker.. hehe

Sold the remaining 11,700 shares on 28th Nov at $1.53.
Total profit of $835.23 in 47days (Click here for FCL Buy post)

I still believe FCL shares price will go up to at least $1.56 by Feb 17 due to the $0.062 dividend declared.

So why am I selling it now??

1) My favourite CapitaMall Trust had hit my buy TP (FINALLY!!!)
  • I believe CMT shares price will reach above $2.10 within the next 6 months (Higher potential in profit than FCL)
2) My original buy plan for FCL is purely for its $0.062 dividend.
  • If I were to hold on to FCL till xd in Feb 17, I will received $1,240 as dividend.
  • My profit for selling off now: $835.23
  • CMT will also declare a potential $0.02 dividend and xd in Jan 17, which work out to be potential of $330 dividend for my 16,500 CMT shares 
  • A diff of only $74.77 for 3 months more

Thus I sold off FCL and use the funds to purchase CMT (Read here).

FCL still remain in my watchlist.
Should FCL share price drop while CMT share price raise up before Jan 17, I might sell off CMT and buy back FCL. This must wait for the right moment aka the sun moon earth to be align in 1 line

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Added: CapitaRetail China Trust

Bought 11,000 shares of CRCT today at $1.42

I had previously bought CRCT at $1.42 on 8th Mar 2016 and sold it at $1.60 on 28th Sep 2016 (Link). 

Seeing the price drop back to $1.42, so mai tu liao (don't wait any longer), fast hand fast leg go in and buy.

Reasons for buying CRCT:
1) Trading at a discount of 10% (PB 0.90)
2) Div yield at 7.4%
3) A potential dividend declare & XD of $0.05 in Feb 17
4) Eyeing on CapitaMall Trust & Frasers Centrepoint Trust for the longest possible but it is no where near my TP of $1.90
5) Seeing the success of CMT in Singapore, CRCT will more or less have the same great successful strategy and mall management skillset passed down to them
6) 5 out of 7 Directors opt for the Distribution Reinvestment Plan which issues them shares instead of cash as their dividends
7) 3Q 2016 Rental Reversion 4.8%, YTD 2016 Rental Reversion 5.6%
8) Completed acquisition of Galleria, which will boost portfolio's performance from 1st Oct 16

1 negative point to note for CRCT is higher property tax impose by local tax authority wef 1st Jul 2016 will impact and reduce its profit :(

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Sold my 1,000 shares of DBS on 8th Nov at $15.25.

Profit of $256.80 coffee money in 22days :D
This is my 2nd FIFO for DBS shares.
Sold it yesterday due to US Election with fear that Trump will win (In the end, he really won and stock market is in RED RED RED now)

Hopefully the stock market wont be in shock for too long and recovery itself quickly by next week *finger cross*