Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Added: Capitaland Mall Trust

Bought 16,500 shares of CMT on 28th Nov at $1.90
If you had read my post yesterday, you will know that I sold off my 20,000 shares of Frasers Centrepoint Ltd to fund this purchase (Read here)  

I had previously bought CMT at $1.87 in Nov and Dec 2015 (Read here) and sold it at $2.15 on Jun 2016 (Read here). 

Seeing the price drop back to $1.90, so mai tu liao (don't wait any longer), fast hand fast leg go in and buy.

Reasons for buying CMT:
1) PB value at 1 (Although there are many good stocks with PB value below 1, but based on history, CMT rarely have a PB value below 0.9)
2) Div yield at 5.9%
3) Quarterly dividend payout
4) Had been eyeing on CMT ever since I sold it in Jun 2016 (Read here, Read here, Read here
5) Big brothers is buying too - $172k worth of CMT

6) See a similar trend for CMT on the past 3 yrs??
How many times you spot the following conditions:
  • Stock price fell below 1.95
  • Stock price raise above 2.10
(Hint: I had mark it with a green UP arrow)

So here we are, CMT price is below $1.95 again.

To me, as long as CMT is below $2.00, I feel it is a good buy
Between $2.01 to $2.05, buy only if you have spare warchest to deploy or looking for good dividend stock for your portfolio.

Enjoy your retail shopping during this X'mas seasons

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