Thursday, April 30, 2020

Transferred $17,000 from CPF OA to SA for 2020

I transferred $17,000 from my OA to SA account today.

In total, I had transferred $52,000 since 2017.

i) $10,000 in Jan 2017 (Link)
ii) $10,000 in Feb 2018 (Link)
iii) $5,000 in Apr 2018 (Link)
iv) $10,000 in Apr 2019 (Link)
v) $17,000 in Apr 2020

Had been making transfer in the month of April for the last 3 years is because company bonus payout is in March. Thus have the extra money flowing into CPF :D 

Friday, April 24, 2020

SOLD: Perennial

Sold my 14,800 shares of Perennial on 22 Apr at $0.43.
Total loss of -$6081.71 (-48%) in 2 years.

My remaining 38,700 shares of Perennial are been held under CPFIS.

Reason for selling:
1) Disappointing, unloved undervalue stock
I had high hope when I bought this stock back in Apr 2018 mainly due to their China High Speed Railway ("HSR") projects + in Healthcare business.
This stock have a PB of just 0.51 then.

The share price had been on a declining mode for the last 5 years.
Today, it have a PB of 0.27

Insider trading had been buying its own shares very frequently that the 4 key Sponsors owned 82.4% of the total shares.

What causes the share price to keep dropping?
I really dont have the answer and have no clue for that.

2) COVID19 bear stock market
Thanks to COVID19, there are many good quality stocks (even blue chips) dropped at least more than 30%.
I believe these good quality stocks will rebounce faster than Perennial.
Thus, taking a real loss at this moment to deploy this amount into another stocks. 

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Monday, April 20, 2020

New milestone - $200,000 portfolio

New milestone achieved!

Very happy to share that my stock portfolio market value had actually exceeded $200,000 in Apr 2020!!!!!

It took me 28 months to reach this new milestone from $100,000 achieved in Dec 2017 (link).

As of 20 Apr 2020
No.CountersNo. of Shares
1First REIT48,000
2HongKongLand USD15,500
4Keppel Infra Trust116,000

Given the current COVID 19 suitation, the most important right now is STAY HEALTHY.
The second most important is buy more undervalue quality stocks.

Majority of us have been shouting "BEAR BEAR BEAR" for the longest time and finally, Wish Granted, BEAR had arrived fast and furious.

The last time we experienced a 20% decline in stock market was in Dec 2018 (link).

Hopefully it have prepare our mindset well to BUY on such rare opportunity instead of having fear at this moment and regret later.

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Watch for FREE "Cirque Du Soleil circus"

This Cirque Du Soleil circus on water is world-class.  Worth watching.

Due to Covid-19, Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas offers its magnificent circus performance “O Show” for *FREE* viewing here... Normally ticket price ranges from USD107 - USD460!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Added: Keppel Infrastructure Trust (Apr 2020)

Bought 116,000 shares of Keppel Infrastructure Trust on 17 Apr at $0.47.

Reasons for buying Keppel Infrastructure Trust:

1) 8% dividend yield
Given the kind of essential business KIT is in, expecting same dividend amount to be declare on coming Mon 20 Apr as KIT are not affected by COVID19.

2) Quarterly dividend 
KIT will change to half yearly financial result announcement only from 2H 2020 onward. Enjoy the last 2 quarterly dividend while it lasts. 

3) Shares buyback

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Sold my 30,000 shares of AIMS APAC REIT on 14 Apr at $1.17.
Total profit of $3672.25 (11.2%) in 1 month.

Sold my 30,000 shares of Sasseur REIT on 14 Apr at $0.66.
Total profit of $2271.87 (13%) in 14 days.

Reason for selling:
1) COVID19
The number of cases in Singapore and Oversea seem to be on high side.
Dont think COVID19 will be under control before end May.
Expecting the circuit breaker in Singapore to extend after 4th May or get even stricter (Hope i am wrong on this).

2) Financial result
Company will start to declare their Financial result over the next few weeks.
Result will be bad.
Even the financial result is good, the dividend will be lower to store up cash to prepare for unexpected rough days ahead.
This will cause share price to drop.

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Added: Sasseur Reit (April 2020)

Bought 30,000 shares of Sasseur REIT on 1 Apr at $0.58.

This is the 2nd time i am buying this stock.
The first time i bought it, it net me a profit of S$18k+ in 4 months (Link).

Reasons for buying:
1) Price is lower than my first purchase

The first time i purchased in Feb 2019, I managed to got in at $0.64 and sold off at $0.795.
The 52w high was $0.92.
Although I did not manage to sold off at the highest point, but I am happy with the kind of profit i got previously.

Given now the price is lower, logically my profit % will be higher than previously if the cycle repeat itself again.

2) PB 0.65
NAV is 89.2cents (As of 31 Dec 2019)

3) Outstanding 2019 Performance 

4) 11% dividend and quarterly payout
Sasseur had declared FY2019 DPU of 6.533cents/share. 

5) Insider trades
There are alot of insider trades for Sasseur Reit in Mar 2020 (Link). 

6) China COVID19 suitation is stable and under control
China is the first country to be hit by COVID19 and it seem to be in control given the numbers of new cases in China last few days.
Thus, while all other countries are struggling to contain COVID19, China seem to be back to pre-COVID19 soon. 
Thus, we should see faster recovery in China vs other countries.


7) No major re-financing until 2021

Given the current suitation and potential recession, no major re-financing until 2021 is a great news.

8) Launch of E-Commerce Portal

I think the Management is quick and able to think out of the box to launch E-commerce portal to continue to generate Sales.

This is the kind of Vision required from the Management to be adaptive in current environment. 

9)Potential pipeline

10) Good Management

Aside from taking the initative to first close off its properties even before the China government mandate the closure, the management also provide regular update to its shareholders. 
These few actions should give sharesholders the assurance and confident in Sasseur Management.


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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Summary of my portfolio - Mar 2020

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1First REIT48,000
2HongKongLand USD15,500

  • USD2,480 of HongKongLand dividend declared on 05 Mar (16cents/share), payout 13 May
  • Added 1,500 shares of HongKongLand on 10 Mar at USD4.65 (Link)
  • $1032 of First Reit dividend payout on 13 Mar (2.15cents/share)
  • Added 30,000 shares of AIMS APAC REIT on 17 Mar at $1.04 (Link)