Sunday, February 4, 2018

Transferred $10,000 from CPF OA to SA for 2018

I did my first $10,000 transfer from CPF OA to SA in 2017 (See post here).

This morning, I did another transfer of $10,000 from CPF OA to SA.
Objective for the transfer still remain the same as why I did it in 2017.

As per my 2017 CPF Yearly Statement

I had also helped Miss CDxD did her first $10,000 from her CPF OA to SA last week.

As per her 2017 CPF Yearly Statement

As Miss CDxD is younger than me by 1 year old, so her additional interest earned for every $1,000 is $94 more.

That the power of compounding interest.
The earlier you start, the higher you will gain.

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