Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Sold my 90,000 shares of MM2 on 5 Nov at $0.245.
Total profit of $9 in 6 months.

Reason for selling:

1) No confidence in MM2 Board after attending the AGM 2019
As blogged previously (Link), I do not have confidence in MM2 Board after attending the AGM. The whole company seem to rely on Melvin Ang only.
For those MM2 shareholders, I suggest you attend the AGM 2020.

2) No dividend payout
I guess I really not into stock which doesn't pay dividend. It did not get me excited at all holding this stock.

3) No growth element
Did not see any growth opportunity this stock have in the next 1 - 2 years time.
Short term wise, MM2 might have a nice upcoming quarterly Finance report due to the Power of Andy Lau concert and upcoming JJ Lin concert.

But what next?!?!?!?

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