Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Royal Caribbean Spectrum of The Seas Cruise Tips + FAQ + Review of The Key


I went for the Spectrum of The Seas (5D4N Penang & Phuket) cruise in May 2023.

1) Should you download the Royal Caribbean mobile apps?


The Royal Caribbean mobile apps is a must download before you onboard the cruise. 

It contain SeaPass (Room number, Emergency gathering location and etc), Directory (Opening hours, Map), Remainder for your calendar which you set and Etc.

You should download it as soon as possible or when you made the final payment for your cruise.

One of the top reason is it will show you when you can select your check in timing (Estimate 45days before your sail date). This is first come first serve. 

Tips #1: You should select the earliest check in timing if possible.

Earliest timing is 11am. Priority is given to those who reached within their selected check in timing range. 

Board early to avoid the crowd + eat your lunch + settle down + enjoy the facilities (especially swimming pool).

Queue according to your selected check in timing. You will notice the front few lanes are empty as this photo was taken near to their check in timing. 

Tips #2: If you are a swimming pool lover, make sure you pack your swimwear in your hand carry bag 

Your chance of having the whole pool to yourself before 2pm is super high 💓💘

Enjoying my "private" pool

2) Should you purchase The Key (VIP Pass)?

I personally feel that if you have plan to purchase onboard cruise internet OR you hate to be in queue line for more than 20 mins multiple time in single day, the answer will be a big YES.

Spectrum of The Seas full loads is around 5000+++ guests.

I purchased it and I don't regret paying for it. 

The Key Private Time Schedule:

Rock climbing: Day 2 9am to 10am

Bumper Car: Day 3 9pm to 9.30pm

Flow Rider: Day 4 9am to 10am 

Tips #3: The highest % discount I saw for The Key is 30% off

As The Key is limited, you should buy it asap and if you saw the price dropped, you can cancel it and re-purchase at lower price (Info is correct as of May 2023).

Tips #4: The Key benefits

As the number of The Key is very limited, you need to ownself aware of the benefit. Many times, I need to approach the staff to inform them that I am The Key holder in order to enjoy the benefits instead of queueing up like the rest.


The Key Welcome Lunch Menu

6oz Angus Filet Mignon


The Key departure day Breakfast Menu

3) Eat in Main Dining Room (MDR) @ Deck 3 instead of Windjammer @ Deck 14

Both MDR & Windjammer are complimentary.

MDR is like fine dining while Windjammer is super crowded buffet spread.

To illustrate the differences, I personally will value MDR at more than S$50 per pax per meal while Windjammer at around S$25 per pax per meal kind of quality. Windjammer is great to go maximum twice in your entire cruise because food are 95% same throughout your cruise.

Looking down from Deck 5 at MDR on Deck 3 

Tips #5: Book/Reserve "My Time Dining" time slot ASAP

Everyone love fine dining, especially when it is complimentary. 

If you don't reserve a time slot in "My Time Dining" to dine in MDR, happy queuing for more than 1 hour for a table during peak hour (Hungry man is an angry man).

Tips #6: Time diff of 1 hour when in Phuket

The cruise will adjust accordingly to local time. When reserving "My Time Dining" time slot, please take note of the time diff. 

Eg: If your usual dinner time is SG 7pm, then you need select 6pm on the day the cruise is in Phuket.

MDR Menu (Menu are change daily <3 )


MDR Menu (Menu are change daily <3 )

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

Baked Alaska

Tips #7: You can select as many dishes as you love to have in MDR (Pls don't waste food)

Why crack your brain to choose only 1 Starters / Main Course / Desserts when it is unlimited :D

Tips #8: MDR do have kids menu too

Banana Split in Kids Desserts Menu <3

4) Room Amenities

You need to bring:
  • Travel adapters
    No Type C or 3pin plug in the room :(

  • Toothpaste + Toothbrush
  • Shaver
  • Shampoo + Body Wash if you dislike the 2in1 provided in room   
  • In room slipper if you dislike walking barefoot 
  • Big personal water bottle + Thermal flask if you need hot water (only 3 bottles of water provided in room)

Tips #9: Refill drinking water in Windjammer @ Deck 14

Depending on your own water intake needs, recommend to bring 2L of empty personal water bottle (with big opening mouth like Meiji milk bottle instead of small opening mouth like 1.5L Coca Cola bottle) so that you do not need to keep going up to Windjammer for water refill

Tips #10: "Do not disturb" / "Clean my room" magnet card can be found behind your main door

5) Penang & Phuket Ports

Phuket port is tricky as it depend on the months you are cruising.
Usually for May to Oct, it is at Ao Makarm Deep Sea port area which is super ulu
For Nov to Apr period, it is at Patong Bay, close to tourist area
Estimated time allow in Phuket is from 8am to 8pm.

Tips #11: Phuket local time is 1 hour behind SG time zone. The cruise will adjust to local time.

Penang port is always at Swettenham Pier. 
Estimated time allow in Penang is from 3pm to 8.30pm.

6) Shows

Post covid, all shows and activities are required to queue (Unlike during covid period, where you can reserve shows + activities via apps) except for The Silk Road. 

Tips #12: "The Silk Road" is available to book around 1 month before your sail date via RC apps

7) Default currency is USD 

Tips #13: The highest % discount I saw for Arcade credit pre-board is 20% off

8) Best deck level to stay in

Waiting for the lift is painful as it is always full.

The most happening deck level are in deck 3, 4,14 and 15.

Tips #14: Best to select Deck 5/6 or Deck 12/13 so that you can climb the stairs instead of waiting for the lift.

Tips #15: Choose rooms that are near to lift area so that you don't have to walk too long back or leave your room.