Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sold: Ascott Residence Trust

Sold my Ascott REIT on 22nd July at $1.16.

I did my calculation before I decide to sell Ascott REIT and I thought I will be in red because:
1) My purchase price was $1.20
2) Bought during Oct 2015 (Less than 1 yr)
3) Ascott had a private placement at $1.055 each on Mar 2016 which cause the share price to drop to around $1.06 in that month.

Thanks to the dividend collected, I still manage to earn some kopi money (POWER OF DIVIDEND!!!!!!!)

Reason for selling now:
1) Believe there will be at least 1 more private placement upcoming due to the aggressive target expansion, especially Ascott would like to increase their US portfolio % from current 10% to 20%
2) Price range for 2016 is around $1.06 - $1.18
3) Buy back at lower cost price

Will buy back this soon if Ascott REIT drop below $1.10.

Patience is virtue

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sold: M1 Ltd

I sold another of my stock today, M1 Ltd - 4000 shares @ $2.88.
This is my 2nd selling within 13 days.

The not so good news is I sold M1 at a loss.
My average buy price for M1 is quite high @ $3.40
Bought M1 in 2015 and had gotten 2 x dividends ($612 received).

M1 is releasing its Q2 16 result this coming Friday.
I am expecting a lower YoY net profit and thus, a lower dividend declared (Less than 7cents of dividend this time round). Unlike VICOM, which is cash rich, they can still afford to maintain their dividend payout currently. M1 need to reserve their money for upcoming frequency auction & infrastructure upgrade.

With this, I am expecting the share price to drop after the result release.
I will keep M1 in my watchlist and will buy back if the price is below $2.45

As mentioned during Q116 slides, "Mobile data revenue was 53.1% of service revenue".

MySIM was introduce during Jul2015 & Upsized Data was introduce during Mar2016. Both these plans offers more data at cheaper price. Thus, revenue will definitely be lower QoQ & YoY.

We can already see from the below slides, the percentage of tiered data plans customers exceeding data bundles is decreasing at a rate of 1% every quarter. Mobile postpaid, prepaid & Fibre monthly ARPU is going in 1 direction - downward :(

Recently, M1 price shoot up around 12% as there is rumor that there wont be 4th telco due to insufficient funds.
1 year ago, M1 price drop around 33% because there is a rumor of 4th telco.

A drop in net profit will be a fact. Let enjoy the rumor to make the price more exciting ;)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summary of my portfolio - June 2016

No. Counters No. of Shares
1 Ascott Residence Trust 11900
2 CapitaRetail China Trust 900
3 Keppel Corp 2600
4 M1 4000
5 Vicom 4700

Quick Summary:
  • I had sold off my 7300 shares of CapitaLand Mall Trust @ $2.15 on 29th June
  • Earned 17.05% (including dividend) since I vested in Nov 15
  • Expecting to buy back at target price of $1.9X again as this is a very solid stock
  • Sold it because of this 5 reasons - Read Here 
  • I had also purchase 2700 shares of VICOM @ $5.75 on 30th June
  • Added because of this 9 reasons - Read Here
  • Surprise to know that ASSI aka AK also added VICOM in Q216 - Read Here
  • Based on his successful track record, this give me a greater booster of confidence in VICOM.

July is CD aka dividend month. Hope everyone "Keep Calm & Collect Dividend" despite #BRExit and use this opportunity to pick up more undervalued solid stock.