Thursday, January 31, 2019

Summary of my portfolio - Jan 2019

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1CapitaRetail China Trust8,000
2Parkway Life REIT7,000


  • Sold off 6,000 shares of Keppel Corp on 9 Jan at $6.18 (See post here). Total profit of $588.97 (1.6%) in 1 month
  • $612 of Singtel dividend payout on 10 Jan (6.8cents/share)
  • $1,118 of First REIT dividend declared on 16th Jan (2.15cents/share), payout on 28th Feb 2019
  • Added 37,000 shares of First REIT on 17 Jan at $0.99 (See post here)
  • $229.60 of Parkway Life dividend declared on 28th Jan (3.28cents/share), payout on 28th Feb 2019
  • Sold off 52,000 shares of First REIT on 29 Jan at $1.09 (See post here). Total profit of $2,964.73 (5.4%) in 5 month

Mrs CDxD portfolio
No.CountersNo. of Shares

  • $204 of Singtel dividend payout on 10 Jan (6.8cents/share)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Sold my 52,000 shares of First REIT on 29th Jan at $1.09
Total profit, including dividend, of $2,964.73 (5.4%) in 5 month.

Reasons for selling it:
1) As mentioned in the post when i bought it (link), this is more for short term as the source of this capital amount is obtain via selling off my Golden Goose CapitaMall Trust (Link).
Total profit, including dividend, of $4,495.50 (12.2%) in 12 days for my 37,000 shares bought on 17th Jan 2019.
2) Sold off my existing shares of 15,000 too mainly to make my portfolio look nicer. Rather book a lower overall profit than to paperloss for my 11,000 shares bought on Aug 2018 at $1.28 per share (link). 
3) Expecting Rights issues soon for First Reit. So staying on sideline to wait for the opportunity.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

(Part 3) 2 weeks in Los Angeles (LA), Las Vegas (LV) and San Francisco (SF) for less than SGD5,500 each

Day 10
Las Vegas International Airport

Lots of slot machine in their airport for you to try your luck while waiting for your plane.

Alaska Air
Took a flight out from Las Vegas to San Francisco via Alaska Air
Cost: SGD265 for 2 pax

Car Rental

Booked the car again from Hertz.
Cost: SGD$422 (Car rental exclude Fuel)

- Parking can be expensive in SFO (Eg USD5 per 15mins block). Thus, try to park a few streets away for cheaper parking rate (Eg USD10 per entry).
- Petrol station in US required you to pay at the cashier first before the petrol is release to you (Totally opposite in Singapore). Try to top up USD10 for the first time to have a gauge the petrol you required as they will not refund you money if you needed less petrol than you had paid for.

We stayed near to Hensley Avenue, San Bruno due to location, security, price and review.

Cost: SGD723 for 4 nights
New to Airbnb: Sign up via my ref link here and you will get SGD$45 off your first trip.

- Personal safety is always the top priority when staying in Airbnb.
Thus, before you book your stay, always read all the reviews (if not the latest 30 reviews minimally).
To lower your risk, skip those airbnb host with less than 50 reviews.
- Choose the house with washing machine. You wouldn't want to fly over with half full luggage filling up with your clothing.
- If you are renting a car, ensure the Airbnb you are staying provide free parking space

Lombard Street
Lombard street is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns.

Chinatown SFO closes quite early by 6pm.

Union Square
Union Square is the shopping distinct in SFO.

Day 11
Fishermans Wharf


Pier 39

For those who like to cycle, you can refer to the below bike track path

Ferry Building Marketplace


Day 12
Good luck Dim Sum

Golden Gate Bridge 
View from "Marine Dr"

View from "Battery East"

View from "Strauss Plaza"

View from "Strauss Plaza"

There are quite a few place you can go to for taking great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
We parked at "Battery East", took a walk down along "Marine Dr" and back to "Strauss Plaza".

Baker Beach

Baker beach is also one of the nude beach in SFO. We only saw 3 fully naked men walking around when we was there. Open your eye big and wide when you are there.

Golden Gate Park

Stow Lake

Strawberry Hill without any strawberry sighted :(

What attract me in Golden Gate Park are the American Bison and the Japanese Tea Garden. 
Climbing up the Starwberry Hill is a waste of time and nothing much to see up there. 

Twin Peak

Day 13
Yosemite National Park

We booked the Yosemite 1 day tour from Klook instead of driving there free and easy because the area is toooo huge for us to explore ourself. We cant finish the whole area even we stayed in Yosemite for 3 days. From the tour, at least we are able to cover some of the key famous landmark in Yosemite.

Cost: SGD286 for 2 pax
(New to Klook: Sign up via my ref link here and you will get S$4 off your first trip)

As the tour office is located in Union Square area, the parking there for 1 whole day can cost you around USD60.
If you are going on Mon - Sat, recommend you to take the subway over or uber.
If you are going on Sun, there is free parking along the street :D

Day 14
Home Sweet Home

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