Friday, December 7, 2018

SOLD: CapitaMall Trust (CMT) - Killed my golden goose

Sold my 16,500 shares of CapitaMall Trust (CMT) on 6th Dec at $2.25
Total profit, including dividend, of $9497.26 (30.19%) in 2 years 1 months.

Reasons for selling it:

  1. One day after I sold my stock, CMT reached a record high of $2.30 today before closing down at $2.27. However, for the past 5 years, CMT could not pass the ceiling of $2.28. Thus, limited capital gain upside at current price $2.25
  2. For the past 5 years, there is at least once per year CMT will drop to $1.95. Thus, my next round of entry into this stock is around that price.
  3. Took profit of 3 years worth of upcoming dividend through capital gain. This mean I can afford to wait for 3 years at the sideline for the price to drop to near $1.95
  4. PB around 1.13 - The highest among Retail 
  5. The market have priced in the newly acquired 70% stake in Westgate and the soon to open Funan in Q2 2019
  6. "Dont fall in love with any stock" & "Sell at the price you are not willing to buy".  To be honest, it took me alot of courage and thinking to take action to sell CMT given that it is one of the Pillar / Golden Goose in my portfolio (The other Pillar / Golden Goose is ParkwayLife REIT).
  7. Temporary relief me of wanting to buy things or eat only in CMT over others shopping mall since I am the CMT shareholder. How many of you having this same "problem" as me?
  8. Since i am still young (31yo), I want to take some risk to time the market by selling at $2.25 and buy back more shares at around $1.95 range.

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