Thursday, April 21, 2022

Keppel DC REIT AGM 2022


Keppel DC REIT held their AGM on 20 April 2022 at 3pm and it ended around 3.40pm.

Shareholders questions were answered before the actual AGM. You can view KDC responses here.

For the AGM slide, you can view them here.

During the AGM, they highlight their achievement for 2021 (Above) and what is their competitive advantage (Below).

For the live Q&A session, there are less than 5 questions posted and all questions were answered by Anthea Lee.

The questions are about what is the impact to KDC related to increase in carbon tax & higher electricity rate.

Anthea mention Master Lease subscribe their electricity themselves and Co-location will be passthrough. She also added that KDC is part of Keppel Group, which have the expertise from Keppel Infrastructure Trust, to explore greener and newer technology to tackle on this area.

No surprises on the AGM resolution voting.

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