Saturday, March 30, 2019

Summary of my portfolio - Mar 2019

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1Parkway Life REIT7,000
4Sasseur REIT90,000


  • Added 8,500 shares of Perennial on 21 Mar at $0.62 (Link)
  • Sold off 8,000 shares of CapitaRetail China Trust on 22 Mar at $1.53 (Link). Total profit of $1,666.86 (15.3%) in 5 months
  • $386.40 of CapitaRetail China Trust dividend payout on 28 Mar (4.83cents/share)
  • $3186.90 of Sasseur REIT dividend payout on 28 Mar (3.541cents/share) 

Mrs CDxD portfolio

No. of Shares

Monday, March 25, 2019

SOLD: CapitaRetail China Trust

Sold my 8,000 shares of CapitaRetail China Trust on 22nd Mar at $1.53
Total profit, including dividend, of $1,666.86 (15.3%) in 5 months.

Reasons for selling it:
1) As mentioned in the post point 5 when i bought it (link), CRCT seem to have a cycle.

Entry point in GREEN while Sell point in RED

2) P/B reached 0.96
3) Since CRCT declare dividend semi-annually, thus not going to wait for the next dividend which is 4 months more.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

3 days Jakarta itinerary - Eat.Shop.Massage.Repeat

Planning to go Jakarta, Indonesia?

Where to EAT?

1) Cork & Screw Country Club
    - Good atmosphere
    - Tasty food
    - Food + Drink (non-alcohol) around SGD20-30

2) Hause
    - Rooftop cafe
    - With Live band
    - Food + Drink (non-alcohol) around SGD20-30

    - Level 56 Rooftop bar
    - Beatiful view
    - Food + Drink (non-alcohol) around SGD30-40 (Min spend SGD25 per pax required)

4) Liquid Exchange
    - With Live band
    - Food + Drink (non-alcohol) around SGD20-30

5) Din Tai Fung
     - Avoid the fried rice (Tasteless)

Where to SHOP?

1) Grand Indonesia
Larger than Singapore Vivocity shopping mall with many familiar international brands

2) Kuningan City Mall
My favourite shopping mall because this is like Outlets mall where there is alot of SALE for brands like NorthFace, Timberland, Crocs and etc. Good for bargin shopper like myself.

3) LOTTE Shopping Avenue
Many familiar international brands. Similar to the shopping mall found along Singapore Orchard Road

4) Central Park Mall
Many familiar international brands. Similar to the shopping mall found along Singapore Orchard Road

5) ITC Kuningan Mall
Very local kind of shopping mall. Very few international brands.

GoJek App
I was very impress by the GoJek services provided in Jakarta.
Unlike the app in Singapore, where GoJek only provide transportation service, GoJek provide tons of services in Jakarta such as Massage, Delivery, Laundry and etc.

I had ordered the GoJek massage and the masseur will come to your hotel room.
Make a guess how much does it cost in SGD for a 2 hours full body massage in your hotel room?





Its only cost SGD15 for a 2 hours full body massage in your hotel room!!!!!!!! 

Typical Singaporean mindset:

You gotta try in order to believe how good their massage skill is.
Tips: If the rating of the masseur is below 4.6 out of 5 points, I suggest you reject and re-book again.

I will recommend to tips them too if the service they provide to you is good.

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6) 4D3N Club Med Kani Maldvies - Sun.Sea.Sand

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Added: PERENNIAL (Mar 2019)

Bought 8,500 shares of Perennial on 21 Mar at $0.62.
This bring my total shares to 53,500.

Reasons for buying Perennial:
1) The reasons of buying remain the same as why I bought it on Apr 2018 (Link).
Althought this stock have dropped 20+% for the past 1 year, however, I hope i am right to spot this hidden gem evolve to become a diamond ring in the next 3-5years time.

2) PB ratio: 0.39

3) New recurring income from Capitol Singapore (Capitol Kempinski Hotel + Co-working space No18 (Q3 2019)) & TripleOne Somerset (TOP Jan 2019)

4) Won China High Speed Railway (HSR) TianJing South Integration Development (July 2018) & Kunming South Integration Development (Dec 2018) 

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