Thursday, March 21, 2019

Added: PERENNIAL (Mar 2019)

Bought 8,500 shares of Perennial on 21 Mar at $0.62.
This bring my total shares to 53,500.

Reasons for buying Perennial:
1) The reasons of buying remain the same as why I bought it on Apr 2018 (Link).
Althought this stock have dropped 20+% for the past 1 year, however, I hope i am right to spot this hidden gem evolve to become a diamond ring in the next 3-5years time.

2) PB ratio: 0.39

3) New recurring income from Capitol Singapore (Capitol Kempinski Hotel + Co-working space No18 (Q3 2019)) & TripleOne Somerset (TOP Jan 2019)

4) Won China High Speed Railway (HSR) TianJing South Integration Development (July 2018) & Kunming South Integration Development (Dec 2018) 

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