Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Summary of my portfolio - Oct 2018

Mr CDxD portfolio

No. Counters No. of Shares
1 CapitaMall Trust 16,500
2 CapitaRetail China Trust 8,000
3 First REIT 11,000
4 Parkway Life REIT 7,000
5 Perennial 45,000
6 Singtel 9,000

  • Added 8,000 shares of CapitaRetail China Trust on 15th Oct at $1.36 (See post here)
  • $236.50 of FIRST REIT dividend declared on 16th Oct (2.15cents/share), payout on 29th Nov
  • $481.80 of CapitaMall Trust dividend declared on 25th Oct (2.92cents/share), payout on 30th Nov
  • $226.10 of Parkway Life REIT dividend declared on 25th Oct (3.23cents/share), payout on 26th Nov

Mrs CDxD portfolio
No.CountersNo. of Shares

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hat Yai (Thailand) itinerary

Where is Hat Yai?
Hat Yai is a city in Thailand's far south near to the Malaysian border.
Direct flight from Singapore to Hat Yai just take slightly over an hour to reach.

Things to do there
1) Sulbing Korean Dessert Café

No, we are not going to introduce any of their dessert.
We chance upon their Cheese Ttokpokki Pizza (250 baht / S$10.42).
Warning: Spicy!!!!

Direction: Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, Floor G

2) Stainless Steel Temple

Day view
Night view
I believe the temple got the name of Stainless Steel is because it is build using stainless steel material. The temple is located at the top of a hill (10 mins drive up the narrow road)


3) Asean Night Bazaar
Opening hours: 5pm - 2am daily

This is like the Bugis Street (Singapore) or Chatuchak (Bangkok) where clothing, accessories and etc can be found here.  L2 is food floor.

25 Baht from L1 drink stall. The meat is sweet and soft..
 Same quality when went back to buy again the next day.. Yummy!!
Bonus: You can buy the latest in trend fish slipper from here too :)

4) Chokdee Dim Sum
Sick of your hotel breakfast?
Chokdee is one of the famous Dim Sum store in Hat Yai.
There are 2 outlets.
Each dim sum tray (exclude the bak ku teh) cost just 20 baht (S$0.83).

- Give your name to Q for a table and wait for your turn
- Once your name is called, go and place order FIRST using your table number
- Go to your table and wait for the dim sum to be delivered over
- Once you are done, ask for bill and make the payment

5) Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj & Phra Bodhisattva Guan Yin

6) Container House

One of the best (if not the best) café in Hat Yai.
Highly recommend to order Milk Tea Ice Cubes (95 Baht) & Two-toned Milk Toast

Milk Tea Ice Cubes (95 Baht)

Freak Shake (169 Baht). We find it tooooooo sweet.

Two-toned Milk Toast

7) Khlong Hae Floating Market
Opening hours: 3pm - 9pm Friday to Sunday

Beside selling foods and drinks on boat, there is also a flea market on shore.

You can bring the mug home 

BEST Pork stick

8) Greenway Night Market

This is like the Bugis Street (Singapore) or Chatuchak (Bangkok) where clothing, accessories and etc can be found here. Similar to Asean Night Bazaar and the distance between these 2 are just mere 5 mins drive apart.

9) Kim Yong Market
Very squeezy as the walkway are very narrow. Good for buying dried snacks here.

10)  Happy Dessert Factory

11) Wat Hat Yai Nai (Reclining Buddha)

12) Pruksa Park / Wine Village
Mini zoo with Sheep, Horse, Rabbits, Koi and Birds.
You can feed these animals by buying foods from the stall.

13) Rim Rua Kratha Ron Mookata
Open air mookata + BBQ buffet for just 339 Baht (S$14.13) per pax
I shall let the photos below do the talking..

Ladies who are afraid of the post mookata + BBQ smell, you can take the shower cap from your hotel room and wear it while having your dinner ;)

14) Chen Loong boat noodle
Not a big fans of boat noodle, thus didn't find anything special about this stall.
However, while we are there, there are a lot of locals ordering their boat noodle and the wait is estimate to be 15mins.
Lastly, this is not open by Jackie Chen :p

15) Samila Beach
Samila beach is around 1 hour drive from Hat Yai.
Unless you really love beaches, I do not recommend you to come this beach just because of the famous Mermaid.

16) Mezza  Café
Another café we tried and the price is really affordable.
We called 2 mains + 1 drink and it cost us only 240 baht (S$10).

17) Central Festival Shopping Mall
18) Lee Gardens Plaza Shopping Mall
19) Big C Extra
20) Diana Shopping Complex
These are the well known shopping mall in Hat Yai.

I shall not list down the usual Thai Massage + Mango sticky rice routine when you in Thailand too.

As for Hotel, you can consider Centara Hotel given its good location, value for money room rate, great breakfast and security (4* Hotel).

Exchange rate: 1SGD = 24 baht