Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Summary of my portfolio - Jan 2018

Mr CDxD portfolio
No.CountersNo. of Shares
2CapitaMall Trust16,500
3Parkway Life REIT7,000

  • $392 of Singtel dividend payout on 10th Jan (9.8cents/share)
  • Sold off 3,100 Keppel Corp on 18th Jan at $8.28 (See post here). Total profit of $2353.58/9.35% in 4 yrs 2 months (Including dividend)
  • Added: 20,000 AIMS AMP REIT on 30th Jan (See post here)
  • $478.50 of CapitaMall Trust dividend declared on 24th Jan (2.9cents/share), payout on 28th Feb
  • $236.60 of Parkway Life dividend declared on 26th Jan (3.38cents/share), payout on 27th Feb

Miss CDxD portfolio
No.CountersNo. of Shares

  • $294 of Singtel dividend payout on 10th Jan (9.8cents/share)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ADDED: AIMS AMP Capital Industrial

Bought 20,000 shares of AIMS AMP REIT on 30th Jan at $1.38.

Reasons for buying AIMS AMP REIT:
1) Dividend yield near to 9% based on buy price
2) NAV at $1.36 as of 30 Sep 2017.
    Given that:
                     - majority of the REITS share price had shot up (PB ratio above 1)
                     - dislike to pay a premium for REIT
                     - expecting around 2.5 cents of dividend to be declare on 1st Feb. This will make my PB ratio exactly at 1 
3) Upcoming Industrial supply in the next few years will be lower as compared to last 5 years.
I remembered seeing a similar supply and demand in the office sector last 2 years when the high office supply cause CapitaLand Commerical Trust (CCT) to drop from $1.90 to $1.30. With the office supply back to norm now, CCT had bounced back up to $1.91 (As of 30 Jan).
Given the industrial supply is near bottom, expecting the same situation to apply in AIMS AMP REIT
4) It is near 52week low ($1.33)

AIMS AMP REIT will be releasing its quarterly result on 1 Feb, before market start.
This mean juicy dividend time. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Special day - 4th Feb 2018

You may or may not know, Li Chun fell on 4th Feb 2018 (Sun).

Chinese folk belief that it is much easier to balance an egg during Li Chun than at any other time of the year

Whether you are superstition or not, this going to affect you if you plan to use the ATM on that day.

According to the superstition, people believe that whoever wear RED top and bank in their money at the appropriate timings according to their Chinese zodiac on Li Chun will bring them good fortune.

I myself have been doing this for the past few years too.
The only diff starting from last year is instead of Q-ing at the ATM, I used DBS PayLah! app.
I will transfer $8 to my PayLah! acc in advance and on 4th Feb at my auspicious timings, I will transfer this $8 from my PayLah! acc back into my POSB bank acc to simulate banking money into own bank acc.
Leveraging on the power of Technology!!!!!

I guess that works since my portfolio crossed $100,000 in Dec 2017 (See post here).

Don't have DBS PayLah! account yet, click here to get $5 when you register for PayLah! with my referral code "JOOSUN590"
Plus, stand a chance to win $88 in PayLah! CNY Lucky Draw (T&C)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Successcoin ICO

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topic among people all over the world now.

Due to the risk, I myself do not own any of the Cryptocurrency as of today.

Why I am introducing Successcoin (SC) ICO then?
One of the most important factor is after doing my research, Successcoin have one of the lowest risk, or rather, the risk which I can accept.

  • Successcoin is ICO by Success Resources (SR), which held seminar event globally
  • Success Resources is listed in AUSX (Australia Stock Market)
  • Success Resources CEO and Founder is a Singaporean, Mr Richard Tan 
  • Successcoin have actual usage where I can spend my SC coins in any of the SR seminar or the newly created SuccessLife (SL) platform
  • My very first Success Resources seminar I attended was "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki somewhere more than 7 years ago at Singapore Expo Hall. So Success Resources is not a fly by night company
  • There is an official Successcoin LINE groupchat setup where Mr Richard Tan, Success Resources staff and investor of Successcoin from all over the world are inside to have the latest update about Successcoin

With the above, please google for yourself the below to find out the answer and compare with Successcoin:
  1. How many of the ICO out there currently is ICO by a listed company?
  2. How many of the ICO out there currently which you have heard of the founder name or able to google out the founder reputable history?
  3. How many of the ICO out there currently where you can spend the token on?
  4. How many of the ICO out there currently have a chat group for global investor and where the CEO of the company is in to give you the latest update?

Instead of more wall of text (Wording), I summarize some important points as FAQ.

Q: What is Successcoin ICO?
A: Click here for official website

Q: Why should I invest now?
A: Successcoin is currently in pre-launch stage.

     The value of the coins will increase from:
     Stage 3: USD0.55/token (Ends on 30th Jan 2018)
     Stage 4: USD0.75/token
          ICO: USD1.00/token (Mar/Apr 2018)

Q: How do I cash out?
A: There are 3 ways to do so.
  1.      Trade on exchange platforms (Hitbtc, Bitfinex, Yobit)
  2.      Redeemable for any Success Resources program 
  3.      Redeemable for any SuccessLife program 

Q: If ICO did not go though, will I get back my money?
A: If for any unforeseen circumstances, Success Resource will return your money within 14 days

Q: What is the hard-cap and soft-cap for this ICO?
A: Hard-cap is USD50 Million
     Soft-cap is USD2 Million

Q: Where can I view the whitepaper?
A: Click here

If you join this Successcoin via my ref link here, please kindly drop me an email so that we can keep in contact and keep each other posted for any latest news.

For more information on Cryptocurrency, you can watch CH 8 Money Week Ep39 here

Friday, January 19, 2018

SOLD: Keppel Corporation


Sold my 3,100 shares of Keppel Corp on 18th Jan at $8.28
Total profit of $2353.58/9.35% in 4 yrs 2 months (Including dividend)

I remembered I first bought 1,000 Kep Corp shares in 17th Nov 2014 for $9.14.
Based on my buy price, it had already dropped 18% from the price of $11.
Since I was just into the stock market for less than a year, I thought I might have caught the bottom and went in to pull the trigger to buy it.
The price keep dropping and dropping from then onward.
This is indeed what other investor say "Don't try to catch a falling knife".

To average down, I bought another 1,000 Kep Corp shares in 20th May 2015 for $8.74.
Another 600 shares in 13th Nov 2015 for $6.81 and my last buy is 500 shares in 21st Jun 2017 for $6.19.

This make my average price around $8.12/share.

Reasons for selling it:
1) I don't foresee WTI Crude Oil is able to hold above USD70 in 2018
2) Low 2+% dividend
3) To cash out to buy into another higher yield stock which I am still Q-ing for at this moment.

Monday, January 8, 2018

What to do with those unwanted Xmas presents?

I am sure you had some gift exchange during Christmas among your family, friends and colleagues.

Unwrapping the gift is the most exciting moment you will experience as you are curious about the content.

Intentionally or unintentionally, you will sure received some gifts which are totally of no use to you.

What to do with those unwanted Xmas presents?

Ever since I joined Carousell in late 2015, I have not been selling my things on eBay or forums anymore. Beside the ease of posting items (Best for lazy person like me), what really attract me to Carousell is the turnover of my items. More than 50% of my items got sold within 5 days from posting (Your price have to be right in the first place). This kept me real excited and I would be able to obtain "cashback" for those unwanted items which I would have thrown away ($0) if not for Carousell.

My highest sold price so far is $1XX for a brand new watch which I totally forgotten I even had it as it was kept in my cabinet for many years. The best part of it was it was a gift.

- Search to see what the lowest sell price listed in Carousell for your item
- Sell it at the price same as or $2 cheaper than the lowest of the same item condition as yours
- Take actual photo of the items instead of using generic internet photo
- Write your description in bullet points (Always put yourself in the shoes of buyer)

2) Donate to Charity

3) Recycle
How many of you are guilty of keeping your Xmas gift till the next Xmas and give it to someone else?

Friday, January 5, 2018

New milestone - $100,000 portfolio

New milestone achieved!
Very happy to share and especially this is my first post in 2018 that my stock portfolio market value had actually exceeded $100,000 in Dec 2017!!!!!

Wall Street Bull
Me touching the Bull balls when I was in New York in May 2017. HUAT AH!!