Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ADDED: AIMS AMP Capital Industrial

Bought 20,000 shares of AIMS AMP REIT on 30th Jan at $1.38.

Reasons for buying AIMS AMP REIT:
1) Dividend yield near to 9% based on buy price
2) NAV at $1.36 as of 30 Sep 2017.
    Given that:
                     - majority of the REITS share price had shot up (PB ratio above 1)
                     - dislike to pay a premium for REIT
                     - expecting around 2.5 cents of dividend to be declare on 1st Feb. This will make my PB ratio exactly at 1 
3) Upcoming Industrial supply in the next few years will be lower as compared to last 5 years.
I remembered seeing a similar supply and demand in the office sector last 2 years when the high office supply cause CapitaLand Commerical Trust (CCT) to drop from $1.90 to $1.30. With the office supply back to norm now, CCT had bounced back up to $1.91 (As of 30 Jan).
Given the industrial supply is near bottom, expecting the same situation to apply in AIMS AMP REIT
4) It is near 52week low ($1.33)

AIMS AMP REIT will be releasing its quarterly result on 1 Feb, before market start.
This mean juicy dividend time. 


  1. Just to point out, last year Nov Aims Amp announced for advance distribution of 1.91 cent before private placement. So won't get 2.5 cents this time round. Moreover, private placement caused share dilution. I am vested though.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, is good. So this time round will get 0.71 cent per unit after minus off advanced distribution