Monday, January 8, 2018

What to do with those unwanted Xmas presents?

I am sure you had some gift exchange during Christmas among your family, friends and colleagues.

Unwrapping the gift is the most exciting moment you will experience as you are curious about the content.

Intentionally or unintentionally, you will sure received some gifts which are totally of no use to you.

What to do with those unwanted Xmas presents?

Ever since I joined Carousell in late 2015, I have not been selling my things on eBay or forums anymore. Beside the ease of posting items (Best for lazy person like me), what really attract me to Carousell is the turnover of my items. More than 50% of my items got sold within 5 days from posting (Your price have to be right in the first place). This kept me real excited and I would be able to obtain "cashback" for those unwanted items which I would have thrown away ($0) if not for Carousell.

My highest sold price so far is $1XX for a brand new watch which I totally forgotten I even had it as it was kept in my cabinet for many years. The best part of it was it was a gift.

- Search to see what the lowest sell price listed in Carousell for your item
- Sell it at the price same as or $2 cheaper than the lowest of the same item condition as yours
- Take actual photo of the items instead of using generic internet photo
- Write your description in bullet points (Always put yourself in the shoes of buyer)

2) Donate to Charity

3) Recycle
How many of you are guilty of keeping your Xmas gift till the next Xmas and give it to someone else?

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