Saturday, August 31, 2019

Summary of my portfolio - Aug 2019

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1Keppel Infrastructure Trust45,000
4HongKongLand USD12,000


  • Added 10,000 shares of HongKongLandUSD on 1 Aug at USD6.10 (Link)
  • $418.50 of Kep Infra Trust dividend payout on 16 Aug (0.93cents/share)
  • Added 2,000 shares of HongKongLandUSD on 29 Aug at USD5.44 (Link)

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Added: HongKong Land USD (Crisis is also a time of opportunity)

Bought another 2,000 shares of HongKong Land on 29th Aug at USD5.44
This is in additional of 10,000 shares bought on 1st Aug at USD6.10 (Link)

Crisis is also a time of opportunity.

Hong Kong protest started in June 2019 and it have been on going for 2 months++.
The protest cant go on forever and it will end eventually............

In the meanwhile, HongKongLand is still collecting rent as per normal since tenants signed contracts with them.

Even during the 2007 Financial crisis, HongKongLand still pay out reasonable dividend.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

HDB BTO Key Collection

Before Key Collection Date

1) Apply for Electricity, Water and Gas (Optional) account from SP Group
- It took me less than 5 mins to apply for SP Group account if you used MyInfo. It is very convenience as you no longer required to provide a copy of NRIC if you use this.
- SP Group will ask you to select the Date and Time when you would like to activate it.
- No payment is required at the point of account opening
- I selected my activation date on my key collection date as I intend to make a trip down to my new home to check for defect on that day itself.
- You do not need to be present when SP Group activate your Electricity and Water services.
- It is highly recommended to switch out to another electricity provider the moment your SP Group electricity account is activated. The saving is as high as 30% off your electricity bill (Link).

2) Apply for Fire insurance
- From 16 Aug 2019 onward, FWD is the newly HDB appointed insurer.
- It is compulsory to purchase from FWD if you are taking HDB loans.

3) Have a thoughts regard to your HDB loans (IMPORTANT)
Buying a HDB flat should be the biggest amount you ever paid for. Thus, it is important to do some financial calculation for such a super huge purchase and do not leave it to decide last minute over the HDB counter during your key collection date.

(A) Your HDB purchase price: $___________
(B) Balance (After deduct Grant + initial downpayment): $___________
(C) Husband total available OA amount: $___________
(D) Husband OA amount to be kept in CPF OA: $___________
(E) Husband OA amount to be used for downpayment : $___________
(F) Wife total available OA amount: $___________
(G) Wife OA amount to be kept in CPF OA: $___________
(H) Wife OA amount to be used for downpayment: $___________

___(B)___ - ___(E)___ -  ___(H)___ = ___(I)___

(I) The total loan amount you will need to take: $___________
Do check that this amount is lower than your HLE approved amount.
Else, you will need to use cash for your downpayment.

Go to HDB Loan Calulator and enter the amount (I) in "Loan Amount (S$)"
Enter the number of years you would like to repay this loan.
Enter the Interest rate (HDB is 2.6%).
Click on "Accept" button

The estimated monthly instalment^ for your loan is $XXX
(J) The $XXX amount both of you need to repay in total monthly
(K) The monthly amount that was credited in Husband OA account: $___________
(L) The monthly amount that was credited in Wife OA account: $___________

Is (K) + (L) greater than (J)?
If yes, there is no cash topup per month needed to repay your loan amount
If no, there is cash topup per month needed to repay your loan amount

You might need to repeat this section a few times until both of you are happy and comfortable with the numbers.

Since Sep 2018, we are allow to leave up to $20k each in our OA account.
I will recommend to leave 8 months worth of your monthly loan amount.
Why 8 months?
Not because 8 is the lucky number for Chinese, but rather a "wake up call" in this suitation.
In the worst case scenario you are out of job (either planned or unplanned) and you are the picky employee (Eg: Wont accept a job that paid lower than your previous job), 6 months without landing a job  should give you red alert to reflect on yourself what could had went wrong and if you need to change your mindset. Thus, giving you a buffer of another 2 months to re-act or re-adjust your job seeking mindset or else, you need to start finding ways to fund your loan via cash.

4) Read up on Homeowner Guide by Building and Construction Authority (BCA).
- This guide will teach you what is deem as defect when you perform your defect check.

On Key Collection Date

5) Things to bring to HDB Hub for key collection
- Know your Singpass credentials (If you are making payment using your CPF OA)
- ROM cert (If there is a change in your marital status)
- NETS/CASH (To pay for Town Council fee)
- Fire insurance cert

The whole process took me around 60mins. Lots and lots of signing to be done over the counter.

Head down to your new home 
You will be given 7 days from Key Collection date to submit your defect list to the Building Service Centre (BSC).

6) Things to bring:
- Screwdrive (+) (For turning on your water supply and checking your tiles)
- Water
- Wet tissue
- Masking tape
- Marker
- Pen
- Torchlight
- Phone charger and cable

- Remember to OPEN your letter box first to retrieve your Water Supply instructions before you head up to open door.
- Turn on the Water Supply by following the instruction you just retrieve in your letter box
- Turn on the electricity by flipping up the 2 flip
- Open your gate and main door
- Perform all your FengShui related procedure
- Activate your electricity main circuit board
- Open all windows to let fresh air come in
- Start your defect check

7) Go to Police station and update your new address

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Monday, August 5, 2019

MM2 AGM 2019

Attended MM2 AGM on 31 Aug 2019 at 2MM Talent Hub.

Cathay Cinema
Majority of the shareholders questions evolve around Cathay Cinema.
This is of no surprise ever since MM2 announced acquire of Cathay Cinema in Nov 2017, the share price had went south from $0.585 (Nov 2017) to current $0.225 (Aug 2019). A drop of 60%.

Melvin had explained that by acquiring cinema business, it create a synergy which is beneficial for the Group in the long run. It widen the network contact in the film industry which MM2 previously did not even have the opportunity in the past.
One of the example provided was MM2 now have the contact with Hollywood due to Hollywood need to talk to cinema operator to air their movies.
However, in current suitation, Cathay is bleeding MM2 balance sheets with the high interest rate loan.

The feeling Melvin gave based on his reply, according to my understanding, a spinoff of cinema is in the pipeline. The only question now is how soon this will happen. Once again, he dropped hints that will be within three years time =.= '''

Melvin had also repeated a few times that MM2 are Content Creator when shareholder asked about his view regard to Netflix, how MM2 generate revenue and etc. He mentioned that MM2 do supply content to Netflix too. He also mentioned that Netflix is more toward English serial drama while MM2 is more toward Mandrian movie.

I also had a chance to catch hold of Melvin privately after the AGM. I asked him the movie MM2 created are rarely of good quality (More Than Blue 比悲伤更悲伤的故事, Ah Boys to Men 新兵正传) since he repeated say MM2 are content creator during AGM which got me worried.

I quoted him the example of Killer Not Stupid 杀手不笨 which I feel is a lousy movie, as reflected in box office sales (Link). Melvin mentioned such movie are sponsored by sponsor and thus, MM2 wont lose any money even if box office sales are lousy.

Board Management
I am quite disappointed with the MM2 Board during the AGM.
1) This is my first AGM i attended that the CEO did not open his mouth once to speak at all.
2) Tan Liang Pheng (Lead Independent Director and the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee)  could not even answer properly when one of the shareholder asked regard to how the Board review Melvin salary package. He keep repeating the word such as "confidential" and "as per his contract" and avoiding answering directly to the shareholder simple 1 liner question. Fortunately, another of the shareholder pointed out that Melvin salary package contract can be found in IPO docs.  *face palm for his "confidential"*

This is not the only face palm response by Tan Liang Pheng.
When the shareholder ask how the Board negotiate Melvin salary, he replied "I am just a coordinator." *face palm x 2* (We do not need to pay you so high fees to just be a coordinator and a rubber stamp)
When the same shareholder further drill him when the next review if really need to change the package terms, he mentioned not so easy to change cause the contract had been signed.  "When is the next review?" asked the shareholder. Tan Liang Pheng then replied "His contract is 3 years and then renew yearly". "So is can change (review) yearly la?" Tan Liang Pheng then replied "Ya" *face palm x 3* (Thanks for wasting our 5 mins when he can answer directly)

Jack Chia, as the AGM chair, saw that Tan Liang Pheng having difficulty answering those simple questions, he try to help him by asking other Board members to answer. Unfortunately all the other board members remain silent.

3) It seem that MM2 evolve around Melvin ANG only. This is a big key man risk. I must admit he is really GOOD. A guy who know his stuff and have the industry knowledge.

I feel what MM2 is lacking is someone who is able to SELL their product. Melvin is good at producing quality product. But good product without good marketing strategy / ability to sell is equal to useless.

I am sure MacDonald do not make the best hamburger in this world. You sure had eaten tastier hamburger outside. So why is MacDonald so successful??
It is due to their Marketing and Sales strategy!!!!!!!!!

AGM Door Gift

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Added: HongKong Land USD

Bought 10,000 shares of HongKong Land on 1st Aug at USD6.10

Reasons for buying HongKong Land:
1) PB of only 0.37
I am paying just 37 cents to buy $1 worth of asset

2) Growing NAV
2014: USD11.75
2015: USD12.24
2016: USD13.34
2017: USD15.66
2018: USD16.43
2019: USD16.50

HongKong Land is growing bigger and bigger every year.
NAV will continue to be higher given good amount of new development in the pipeline.

3) Low single digit vacancy % + Higher average net rent
Hong Kong Office
Hong Kong Retail

Singapore Office

4) Stable Half yearly dividend payout
Although the dividend is not high like REIT, but it is very stable.
I willl categorize this as a Growth stock rather than a Dividend stock.

Founded in 1889, HongKong Land had went through Black Monday in 1987, Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and Global Financial Crisis in 2008. In the unfortunate event that my buy price is the peak of the upcoming stock market crash, I am not much of a worry because HongKong Land own those hard real asset properties. Thus, it will be a matter of time that the share prices will bounce back up since it is not cause by their fundamental.