Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Added: Keppel Corporation

Bought 6,000 shares of Keppel Corporation on 11 Dec at $6.04
Unlike my usual stock purchases which is for long term, this is more for short term.
Once capital gain achieved, I will sell it off.

Reasons for buying:

1) Dropped to 52w low

2) OPEC+ had reached an agreement to cut oil output from Jan 2019 (Link)
3) Kep Corp Property + Data center division
4) Net profit started to increase since 2016. 
    2018 net profit estimated will be higher than 2017
3rd Qtr Result Presentation slide 

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Review: Millionaire Mind Intensive

I went to attend the 3 days Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) held in Singapore Expo from 30th Nov - 2 Dec 2018. 

I enjoyed and learnt alot from the book when I read it last Nov 2017 (Link here) that I went ahead to purchase the VIP ticket for this MMI.

As the seminar title mentioned, it is Millionaire Mind INTENSIVE.
Thus, I prepared myself for information overloaded portion.

But I am WRONG.

1) I think their intensive refer to the hours of the seminar.
Day 1: 9am to 10.30pm
Day 2: 9am to 10pm
Day 3: 8am to 7pm

37.5hours spent over 3 days!!!!!
My body battery was drained at the end of each day.

2) Too much upselling of their other seminars.
The number of hours can be reduced by a total of 7 hours if they removed the upselling portion and the "Thank you - Ending" talk.

1) Lots of activities which really set your brain into thinking and reflecting mode (You do not have the option of going through motion).
The activities can be found in the book itself too. Just that majority of the reader will just skip these activities by flipping over to the next page instead.

2) The audience in the VIP area.
I attended other seminar organised by Success Resources (SR) before. Some of the General ticket holder are there because they got the ticket as complimentary. Thus, majority are there to 'look see look see'.
You can tell by observing the Q to enter the seminar. Although VIP is around 30% of the ticket holders, but the Q is always longer to enter (especially in the morning) than the 70% of the General ticket holders. Not to mention about the empty seats in each category.
So, if you are really serious about attending seminar like this, buy the VIP ticket. 

As for the concept and theory of the 17 wealth file (Link here), I think I learnt more by reading the book.
Thus, I recommend you to read the book first and decide for youself if you want to attend the seminar.
They really need to reduce the upselling of their other seminars to 1 hour max.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sneak preview of 12.12.18 Lazada's $29/$49 Surprise Box

Lazada 12.12.18 Sale Surprise Box is back again!!!!
These surprise boxes at fixed prices of $29 or $49 that contain $100 or $149 worth of goods respectively.

We will update the links as soon as we found the sneak preview.
Do check back regularly for updates.

10 Dec 2018
Surprises at 12AM
1) Estee Lauder
2) MAC
3) Nakamichi
4) Razer Game Store
5) Elizabeth Arden
6) Tefal

Surprises at 9AM
1) Universal Traveller
2) AHC
3) Johnson & Johnson
5) Yves Rocher
6) JBL

Surprises at 12PM
1) Kinohimitsu
2) Seimon-Cho
3) ZA X MA Cherie X Tsubaki

4) Autobacs

Surprises at 2PM
1) Hasbro Star Wars
3) Timex

4) Physiogel
5) Skip*Hop

Surprises at 5PM
1) Spigen
2) Play Trends
3) Hot Wheels

4) Johnson & Johnson
5)  Chope

Surprises at 8PM
1) Blackmores
2) Benefit
3) Triumph

4) Hasbro My Little Pony

Surprises at 10PM
1) Tomica

2) Vagisil
3) Qisahn

4) The Liquor Shop

11 Dec 2018
Surprises at 12AM
1) MAC
2) Jason Markk
3) Hysses
4) Eversoft
5) Acer

Surprises at 9AM
1) Philips Avent
2) ZA X Senka X Tsubaki
3) Gunpla
4) Hansgrohe

Surprises at 12PM
1) Leifheit
2) Shopkins
3) Tramontina
4) JBL

Surprises at 2PM
1) Remax
2) Prestigio Delights
3) Spigen

Surprises at 5PM
1) AriesGold
2) Crayola
3) Blaupunkt

Surprises at 8PM
1) Tronsmart
2) Bio Essence
3) Make Up For Ever
4) Mondelez

Surprises at 10PM
1) Blackmores
2) Bioderma
3) Philips Lighting

12 Dec 2018
Surprises at 12AM
1) American Tourister
2) Kinohimitsu
3) The Liquor Shop

Surprises at 9AM
1) Anker
2) Levi's
3) Clinique
4) Hada Labo

Surprises at 12PM
1) Innisfree
2) Colgate
3) Bosch

Surprises at 2PM
1) T.M. Lewin
2) Brand's
3) Nestle
4) Spigen

Surprises at 5PM
1) Dockers
2) Nine West
3) Thomas & Friends
4) Aukey
5) Marti Derm

Surprises at 8PM
1) Razer Game Store
2) Prolink
3) Barlie
4) Etude House

Surprises at 10PM
1) Triumph
2) Laneige
3) Okamoto

We will update the links as soon as we found the sneak preview.
Do check back regularly for updates.

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