Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Added: CapitaLand Investment (Apr 2024)


Added 10,000 shares of CapitaLand Investment (CLI) at $2.48 on 18 Apr 2024.

Reason for buying:

1) 52w low

Trying my luck to queue at $2.48 when the share price was hovering around $2.52 at that time.

Their restructuring launch price was $2.95 on 20 Sep 2021

2) Share buyback in Jan 2024 

CLI did 11 days of share buyback in Jan 2024 alone. 

The share buyback price range between $2.90 to $3.01

3) 12 cents Dividend  

At my buy price of $2.48, 12 cents dividend is 4.8% going XD on 2 May 2024. Although the dividend is nothing to shout out loud, I will treat it as a bonus. Dont think I will be holding this for long term as this is more of a growth stock play rather than dividend play.

4) Doubling their FUM to S$200B in 5 years

CLI have been on asset light approach few years back and have set a new target of S$200B in 5 years time. This will improve their recurring fee. Doubling from $100B to $200B FUM within 5 years is quite aggressive.

5) PB 0.9

Based on their divestment history, CLI always manage to divest their asset at a premium %. This would mean their NAV was conservative. 

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