Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Summary of my portfolio - Nov 2017

 Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1CapitaMall Trust16,500
2Keppel Corp3,100
3Parkway Life REIT7,000

  • $458.70 of CapitaMall Trust dividend payout on 29th Nov (2.78cents/share)
  • $235.90 of Parkway Life dividend declared on 9th Nov (3.37cents/share), payout on 8th Dec
  • $392 of Singtel dividend declared on 9th Nov (9.8cents/share), payout on 10th Jan 2018

 Miss CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares

  • $294 of Singtel dividend declared on 9th Nov (9.8cents/share), payout on 10th Jan 2018

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Book Review: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

I just finished reading this book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T.Harv Eker.

As the book title, it is about how Millionaire think.
I believe after working in the Corporate world, you should/will discover that the way higher Management think vs the rest of the staff thinking are very different. This is the reason why they are on top of the hierarchy while the rest is at the middle or bottom of the hierarchy.

I like this book is because it is about conditioning your brain.
It have 17 Wealth File to show you the Rich (Millionaire) perspective vs Poor (Low income) perspective when they encounter the same issue.  If you expecting this book to teach you some secret tools to become a Millionaire, I am afraid you will be disappointed.

  Rich People……………... Poor People……………...
Wealth File #1 believe "I create my life." believe "Life happens to me."
Wealth File #2 play the money game to win play the money game to not lose
Wealth File #3 are committed to being rich want to be rich
Wealth File #4 think big think small
Wealth File #5 focus on opportunities focus on obstacles
Wealth File #6 admire other rich and successful people resent rich and successful people
Wealth File #7 associate with positive, successful people associate with negative or unsuccessful people
Wealth File #8 are willing to promote themselves and their value think negatively about selling and promotion
Wealth File #9 are bigger than their problems are smaller than their problems
Wealth File #10 are excellent receivers are poor receivers
Wealth File #11 choose to get paid based on results choose to get paid based on time
Wealth File #12 think "both" think "either/or"
Wealth File #13 focus on their net worth focus on their working income
Wealth File #14 manage their money well mismanage their money well
Wealth File #15 have their money work hard for them work hard for their money
Wealth File #16 act in spite of fear let fear stop them
Wealth File #17 constantly learn and grow think they already know

Please read the book for more details on these 17 wealth file.

Why I find conditioning the brain is more important to master first then follow by learning the tools is because:

The above is called Process of manifestation.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

What's in 11.11 Lazada's $29 Surprise Box?

Lazada released 27 Branded Surprise Box at $29 ea on 11.11.2017 (See post here)

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Do see below surprise boxes photos shared by Hardwarezone forum users.....................



Etude House

Philips Avent

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Performance appraisal of my 2017 portfolio

We are nearing to the end of 2017 and the word 'Performance appraisal' should be familiar to the majority of working workforce.

My KPI for 2017 is to achieve minimally $3,985 of dividends (See post).

On 1st Jan 2017, I did an estimating with my current portfolio to see if I could totally not do anything to my portfolio in 2017, will I still be able to meet my KPI of $3,985 of dividends by end of 2017? The answer is NO (See post).

With that, the below table shows the changes I made

Parkway Life REIT released its Q3 result on 9th Nov and declared 3.37 cents of dividends, payable on 8th Dec 2017.
This will be my last dividend amount of $235.90 for 2017.

Singtel also released its Q2 result on 9th Nov and declared 9.8 cents of dividend, payable on Jan 2018. Thus, I will not be including this $392 toward my 2017 dividend amount as I will only receive the cash in 2018.

Total Dividend received in 2017: S$4116.70
Achieved my KPI for 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sneak preview of 11.11 Lazada's $29 Surprise Box

Lazada will be having 27 Branded Surprise Box for sale at $29 ea (The items inside each Surprise Box is worth minimum $100 as claimed by Lazada).

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Interested to know what inside each boxes?

If Yes, please scroll down...
If No, please exit from this page now..

Surprises at 12AM
1) Acer
2) Loreal Paris
3) Philips

Surprises at 8AM
1) SkinFood
2) Etude House
3) Maybelline

Surprises at 10AM
1) Delsey
2) Autobacs
3) Yves Rocher

Surprises at 12PM
1) Colgate
2) Lenovo
3) EuropAce

Surprises at 2PM
1) Giordano
2) Philips Avent
3) Vichy

Surprises at 4PM
1) UAG
2) Aveeno
3) Mamonde

Surprises at 6PM
1) Havaianas
2) Colgate Charcoal
3) Sasa

Surprises at 8PM
1) Levi
2) Razer
3) Triumph

Surprises at 10PM
1) Maishall
2) Durex
3) Laneige

We will update the links as soon as we found the sneak preview.
Do check back regularly for updates.