Saturday, February 25, 2017

FIFO: ComfortDelgro

After my first successful contra trade on Singtel few days ago, I made my 2nd contra trade on ComfortDelGro on 20th Feb.

Seeing the price went down few days ago to near 52wk low, I bought 13,000 shares at $2.41 on 20th Feb.
As this is intended for contra, therefore, I had to sell it within T+3.
The price hardly move during these 4 days and I sold it at $2.43 on 23rd Feb, just barely enough to cover the trading fees and made only $44.57 as profit in 4 days.

This is a far cry from my first contra profit from Singtel of $917.02 (Click here).

I feel it is not easy to play contra and luck do play a huge part in this.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

SOLD: CapitaRetail China Trust, FIFO: Singtel, BUY: Parkwaylife REIT

Sold my 11,000 shares of CRCT on 9th Feb at $1.49.
Total profit of $1180.69 in 3 months (Inclusive of pending dividend of $520.30)

The shares price run up quite abit after AK blogged that he added CRCT to his portfolio on 2nd Feb ( Thanks AK =)

Given that it went up without much new good fundamental, thus, I decided to sold it off as I believe the price will drop after the "AK effect".

Bought 12,500 shares of Singtel on 9th Feb at $3.84.
After reading the before market Qtr release result, compare to M1 & Starhub result, I think Singtel did better than them. So I quickly initial a buy queue at $3.85 (Thought the price will went up), and it got executed at $3.84.

Sold off all the 12,500 shares of Singtel on 13th Feb at $3.94.  
Total profit of $917.02 in 4 days.
This also mark my very first contra trade.

Bought 7,000 shares of ParkwayLife REIT on 16th Feb at $2.39.
This have been in my watchlist for quite sometime as I always wanted to add a healthcare sector to my portfolio.
Given that I just sold off CRCT on 9th Feb, and the price of ParkwayLife REIT dropped to below $2.40, thus I went ahead to purchase it. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Summary of my portfolio - Jan 2017

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1CapitaMall Trust16,500
2CapitaRetail China Trust11,000
3Keppel Corp2,600

Quick summary:
  • CMT 2016 Q4 DPU 2.88cents
  • $475.20 of dividends (Payment on 28th Feb 2017)

  • CRCT 2016 2H DPU 4.73cents
  • $520.30 of dividends (Payment on 23rd Mar 2017)

  • Keppel Corp 2H DPU 12cents
  • $312 of dividends (Payment on 11th May 2017)

  • Vicom - Pending release result in Feb 2017