Thursday, May 23, 2019

Home renovation regrets that costs you thousands of dollars

Everyone is excited about home renovation.
However, due to lack of experience, there are decisions made during renovation that make you regret when you moved in.


We had read, asked and record down the regrets people feedback via the internet and compile into below 10 years series.


Regret 1) Should have opt for more drawers instead of casement for bottom kitchen cabinets

Why? Easier to retrieve items

Regret 2) Didn't have a pullout full / half height drawer  

Why? Easier to retrieve items and have a tidy table top

Regret 3) Didn't have a pull out sink tap
Why? Easier during washing, especially washing heavy and bulky pots and pans  

Regret 4) Bought a double basin instaed of single basin
Why? Pots and pans cant fit into one side of double basin as they are bigger (in length). 

Regret 5) Didn't build a base for bottom cabinets
Why?  When the cabinets is in touch with water (even via mopping), it will cause the material to destroy or weaken gradually. Once the base of the cabinets is damage, the whole cabinets will not last long and need to change, thus spending more money in the long run.

Regret 6) Build a base for Fridge and Washing machine
Why? Most fridge and washing machine came with leg stand, so normal mopping of floor will not spoilt the appliances unless you like to splash water when washing floor. Thus able to save money for not building the base

Regret 1) Do close L shape wardrobe
Why? Having a walk in wardrobe is all ladies dream. Depending on how your L shape internal wardrobe structure is. If you have a close L shape wardrobe, when your wardrobe is filled with all your clothing, you will have a hard time taking out stuff hidden behind the back area, provided you still remember the stuff is being put/hide in that back area :p
Opt for open L shape wardrobe!!!

Close L shape wardrobe

Open L shape wardrobe

Regret 2) Cant change to king size mattress due to the way bedroom layout was customize by ID

Regret 3) Did not plan for baby cot space

Living Room
Regret 1) Have Cove Light / drop down false ceiling

Why? Insects and dust get trap up the opening area of the ceiling. Good luck cleaning it

Regret 2) Having too much light in Living Room
Why? 2 rows of lights are more than sufficient for typical HDB 4room and below instead of 4 rows as shown in the photo above. You can also opt for ceiling fan with light.

Regret 3) Not having ceiling fan due to aesthetic
Why? If you choose the right ceiling fan to pair with your living room, it will look awesome too. Unless you are looking to switch on your air-con whenever you are at home

Regret 4) Mount ceiling fan too close to light
Why? Unless you love moving shadows 

Regret 5) Not using anti-mould/fungus paint on ceiling, especially if you have air-con
Why? Unless you love seeing mould/fungus on your ceiling :eek:

In General

Regret 1) Overspend / Burst budget
- Opt for too many customization carpentry work
- Opt for branded equipment/appliances
- I want this, I want that, I want everything
- Did not compare prices

Regret 2) Didn't plan for enough electrical points in the house

Regret 3) Didn't do a proper research on the review of the ID/Carpenter you engage

Why? Nobody love sub-quality standard or nightmare after paying up a 5 digit figures

Regret 4) Didn't give clear exact ideas/instruction/measurement/drawing to ID/Carpenter (Assuming they know or can read your mind)

Regret 5) Not buying round corner furniture (especially for those who have baby)

Regret 6) Decide based on aesthetic instead of maintainbility and functionality 

Regret 7) Ignoring the details such as measurement (Length, Width, Height) and voltage diff especially you purchasing your items from Taobao/Lazada/Qoo10/Amazon/ Johor Bahru (JB) / IKEA

Regret 8) Ignoring the advice provided by ID/Carpenter

Regret 9) Did not switch out of SingPower for electricity before the start of renovation
Why? Household who switch out from SingPower have an average saving of 30% of their electricity bill (Link)

Free feel to share your regrets/views in the comment below.

Hope the above is a good checklist for you. 

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  1. Nice checklist. As a homeowner myself, I can very easily relate to your post. Home renovation is not an easy job. It is very costly as well as time consuming.

  2. Thank you, admin, for the post! Your blog is very informative and awesome. I also want a Home Remodeling Rochester Hills and I'm happy about your new designs. Thanks again for the post.

  3. Thank you, admin, for the post! Your blog is very informative and awesome. I also want a Home Remodeling in Rochester Hills and I'm happy about your new designs. Thanks again for the post.

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