Sunday, May 2, 2021

Review: iLife Shinebot W450 Mop Robot (The Best Value for Money Mop Robot in 2021??)

I wrote the review of Hydra S7 Robot Vacuum with mop last year. After using for 1+ years, I am still very happy with its performance. Really is a great buy (Super value for money too) I would say. 

iLife Shinebot W450 is the latest Mop Robot just launched few months ago (Successor of iLife W400).

I find it super value for money. It is only S$300 in Qoo10 (That is before applying Qoo10 coupons + stacking with Qoo10 Cashback rewards + your own Credit card rebate).

iLife Shinebot W450 closest competitors will be Everybot & iRobot Braava Jet

iLife Shinebot W450 is suitable for those who hate mopping your floor or do not have the time.


1) Keeping the floor Clean

W450 only have 1 job which is mopping the floor.

If W450 cant do a good job in this area, then this product is totally useless.

To test how good is this mop robot, I stop using my Hydra S7 robot for 2 days and just run the W450 on the 3rd day.

You can see the water colour collected in the dirty water tank below. GOSH!!!! 

2) Mop robot with an Apps

You can choose the Water Seeping rate (Good for those who have vinyl flooring where high level wetness will cause the vinyl to spoilt faster) , Travel Speed and Brush speed according to your preference and choice.

3) Able to mop finish my HDB 4 room in 1 mop cycle

4) All you need is One button to Power Up, Power down, Start and Stop 

In my day to day usage, I only need to depend on the "CLEAN" button (Apps is optional).

The "CLEAN" button will indicate the battery level by displaying GREEN (Full battery), ORANGE or RED (low battery).

I only need to press the "CLEAN" button to Power up/down the W450 and Stop/Stop the mop cycle.

Super easy to operate the W450.

5) A robot that cannot climb

Because the robot cannot climb over 1cm edge, I do not need to close my toilet door whenever I use the W450.


1) Unable to auto return back to charging base to start charging

Unlike the Hydra S7, it is able to return to the charging base when the job is done and start auto charging.

iLife W450 will just return to its starting point when the job is done. You will need to manually place it onto the charging pod to begin charging.

2) Not a smart robot

You are unable to save your house map. Every clean is a brand new exploration for the W450.
Thus, if you want W450 to clean the kitchen only, you will need to carry and place the robot in the kitchen yourself and press Start.

Because of this, I notice sometime W450 will clean some area twice and thus took a longer time to complete the mop cycle.

I find it super value for money. iLife W450 is only S$300 in Qoo10 (That is before applying Qoo10 coupons + stacking with Qoo10 Cashback rewards + your own Credit card rebate).
Qoo10 Cashback rewards

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