Friday, April 30, 2021

ComfortDelGro AGM 2021


ComfortDelGro (CDG) held their AGM today at 2.30pm and it ended at 3.35pm.

Did not pick up any special / new message aside from the usual news release of Financial Results, thus to sum up these 3 slides, it is "Thanks to COVID" as usual from what we have been hearing from the rest of the other companies too.

Balance sheet is in good shape.

Conserve cash & only spend on essential and critical things.

Capex deprecating will be lower in future because of deferred capex spend in 2020.

Things have been improving. Watch out for the upcoming Financial Result as per CFO

Moving forward, CDG is focusing on digitalization, Electric Vehicle & Clean Energy Technology.

PS: Have been receiving quite a few promo code in CDG apps (Ranging from $3 - $5) & their latest Zig apps ($3 <ZIG3OFF>) too.

Nothing unexpected from the Resolution result.

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