Sunday, January 28, 2018

Successcoin ICO

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topic among people all over the world now.

Due to the risk, I myself do not own any of the Cryptocurrency as of today.

Why I am introducing Successcoin (SC) ICO then?
One of the most important factor is after doing my research, Successcoin have one of the lowest risk, or rather, the risk which I can accept.

  • Successcoin is ICO by Success Resources (SR), which held seminar event globally
  • Success Resources is listed in AUSX (Australia Stock Market)
  • Success Resources CEO and Founder is a Singaporean, Mr Richard Tan 
  • Successcoin have actual usage where I can spend my SC coins in any of the SR seminar or the newly created SuccessLife (SL) platform
  • My very first Success Resources seminar I attended was "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki somewhere more than 7 years ago at Singapore Expo Hall. So Success Resources is not a fly by night company
  • There is an official Successcoin LINE groupchat setup where Mr Richard Tan, Success Resources staff and investor of Successcoin from all over the world are inside to have the latest update about Successcoin

With the above, please google for yourself the below to find out the answer and compare with Successcoin:
  1. How many of the ICO out there currently is ICO by a listed company?
  2. How many of the ICO out there currently which you have heard of the founder name or able to google out the founder reputable history?
  3. How many of the ICO out there currently where you can spend the token on?
  4. How many of the ICO out there currently have a chat group for global investor and where the CEO of the company is in to give you the latest update?

Instead of more wall of text (Wording), I summarize some important points as FAQ.

Q: What is Successcoin ICO?
A: Click here for official website

Q: Why should I invest now?
A: Successcoin is currently in pre-launch stage.

     The value of the coins will increase from:
     Stage 3: USD0.55/token (Ends on 30th Jan 2018)
     Stage 4: USD0.75/token
          ICO: USD1.00/token (Mar/Apr 2018)

Q: How do I cash out?
A: There are 3 ways to do so.
  1.      Trade on exchange platforms (Hitbtc, Bitfinex, Yobit)
  2.      Redeemable for any Success Resources program 
  3.      Redeemable for any SuccessLife program 

Q: If ICO did not go though, will I get back my money?
A: If for any unforeseen circumstances, Success Resource will return your money within 14 days

Q: What is the hard-cap and soft-cap for this ICO?
A: Hard-cap is USD50 Million
     Soft-cap is USD2 Million

Q: Where can I view the whitepaper?
A: Click here

If you join this Successcoin via my ref link here, please kindly drop me an email so that we can keep in contact and keep each other posted for any latest news.

For more information on Cryptocurrency, you can watch CH 8 Money Week Ep39 here


  1. i won't touch this ICO with a mile pole.....their whitepaper is alot of marketing gibberish, good luck!

  2. Well, come to think about it, which whitepaper or ICO/IPO doesnt contain any marketing gibberish? ;)