Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Sold my 52,000 shares of First REIT on 29th Jan at $1.09
Total profit, including dividend, of $2,964.73 (5.4%) in 5 month.

Reasons for selling it:
1) As mentioned in the post when i bought it (link), this is more for short term as the source of this capital amount is obtain via selling off my Golden Goose CapitaMall Trust (Link).
Total profit, including dividend, of $4,495.50 (12.2%) in 12 days for my 37,000 shares bought on 17th Jan 2019.
2) Sold off my existing shares of 15,000 too mainly to make my portfolio look nicer. Rather book a lower overall profit than to paperloss for my 11,000 shares bought on Aug 2018 at $1.28 per share (link). 
3) Expecting Rights issues soon for First Reit. So staying on sideline to wait for the opportunity.

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