Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sold: Ascott Residence Trust

Sold my Ascott REIT on 22nd July at $1.16.

I did my calculation before I decide to sell Ascott REIT and I thought I will be in red because:
1) My purchase price was $1.20
2) Bought during Oct 2015 (Less than 1 yr)
3) Ascott had a private placement at $1.055 each on Mar 2016 which cause the share price to drop to around $1.06 in that month.

Thanks to the dividend collected, I still manage to earn some kopi money (POWER OF DIVIDEND!!!!!!!)

Reason for selling now:
1) Believe there will be at least 1 more private placement upcoming due to the aggressive target expansion, especially Ascott would like to increase their US portfolio % from current 10% to 20%
2) Price range for 2016 is around $1.06 - $1.18
3) Buy back at lower cost price

Will buy back this soon if Ascott REIT drop below $1.10.

Patience is virtue


  1. Were you entitled to the latest dividend?

    1. No, I sold it while it is still in CD status... Reason being I rather take the 'dividend' immediately rather than wait for it to XD and I only got paid on 24th Aug...