Monday, August 1, 2016

Every cents counts................................

We spent money everyday.

To me, I always aim to pay the lowest amount whenever possible for buying products. However, I am ok to pay reasonable amount for services. Product is a dead item while service is alive. That why I don't like to bargain or opt for lowest amount when come to services.

Let me quote an example.
Person A want to buy XiaoMi Powerbank (Product). Shop A sell $35 while Shop B sell $40. I will definitely buy from Shop A because what I wanted was a XiaoMi Powerbank. My powerbank wont become any better even I pay $40 for it as compare to $35.

Person A want a thai massage (Service. I will clarify as product if your masseuse is a robot). Shop A 60mins for $60 while Shop B 60mins for $90. If Shop B look better from the outside, I will opt for Shop B.

Disclaimer: I will provide 2 links - One with my ref link while the other without ref link. If you choose to click on the one with ref link, I would like to say Thank You ;)

Below are some of the methods I use for my everyday spend habits:
1) Travel Smart Rewards
For those who take public transport, this one is for you. You will earn points for all the trips you make on the MRT and LRT systems

Redeem mode: Spin game or Cash buyout.
Spin game: Use your points to play the game, and pick up random cash rewards from $1 to $200.
Cash buyout: Exchange your points at the fixed exchange rate of $1 for every 1000 points. 

I joined since 2013 and so far, I had won $304 via Spin game.

Super lucky to have won $200 in 2014

Click here to sign up:

2) Shopback
In short, when you click on the link in shopback (instead of the usual direct link), they will reward you with cashback.
Lots of known popular stores such as Groupon, Lazada, Cathay, Agoda and etc.

So far, I had cash out $81.49 as my cashback rebate.
Click here to sign up:
1) (You get $5 upon signing up + another $5 upon making a first purchase)
2) (You will get $0)

3) Qoo10
Qoo10 is an online marketplace platform where you can find cheap deals online :D
Before buying anything, always read the reviews of previous buyer. My experience have been a pleasant one so far and Qoo10 had make me save a lot of money as compare to buy from local shops.

Beside the cheap deals, there is free money for you (min $3 per month) in Q-chance. All you need to do is to just spend less than 1min per day making 3 mouse click. Easy right???

Every 10 Qpoints is worth 10cents.
On the 6th, 12th, 18th & 24th day, you will be reward with 50Qpoints.
On the 30th day, you will be reward with 100Qpoints.
In total, you will get $3 per month (Havent include the chance to win 10Qpoints or 100Qpoints per spin).

Aiya, you must be thinking, $3 per month only, can buy only 1 pack of chicken rice.
Every cents count..........

See my most recent purchase of Xiaomi PowerBank.
Original price, inclusive of shipping, will cost me $35.30.
However, I only paid $25.30 for it because I offset it using my Qpoints (28% discounts)
Even official Xiaomi China is selling at S$30+.

If you think I had gotten a fake Xiaomi Powerbank, see below product authentication verification picture. Its verified :)
That is the reason why always always read the review before you make any purchase in Qoo10.

Click here to sign up:

4) Groupon
Similar to Qoo10, you can find cheap deals online.
From time to time, Groupon will have promo code for additional % discount (So remember to subscribe to their email newsletter).
Remember to login to Shopback for Groupon link to earn up to 8% extra cashback (Stackable discount: Shopback + Groupon code + Credit card such as DBS Live Fresh Credit card 5%).

I mostly use Groupon to purchase F&B deals only as Qoo10 for products is still cheaper.

Click here to sign up:

5) Redmart
Redmart is an online shopping for groceries and household essentials. Price is quite similar to NTUC fairprice.

The advantages of using Redmart are:
1) Save our time, money and energy
2) Deliver to your doorstep (Great for buying bulky items such as Rice, Oil, Drinks and etc)
3) Stackable discount (Shopback 8% + Redmart promo code + DBS Live Fresh Credit Card 5%)

Click here to sign up:
1) (You will get $10 credit to offset your purchase)
2) (You will get $0)

6) Grab
Why pay a higher price to take taxi when you can use Grabcar? Unless you have too much money to burn... lol

Click here to sign up:
1) (You will get $8 credit to offset your ride)

7) DBS Live Fresh Credit Card
Depending on your spending habits and the reward type you want to get.
For me, I am a cashback person. I prefer to get cashback monthly to offset my bill immediately rather than collecting points/miles for future redemption.

My main card right now is DBS Live Fresh Credit Card.
It offer 5% cashback + 3XDBS Points for online & paywave purchases.

Click here for more product information:

8) ANZ Optimum World Credit Card
I am using ANZ Optimum World credit card as my secondary card.
It offer 5% cash rebate for your selected category and the reminding will be 1% cash rebate.

I always choose "Dining & Leisure" as it suited me the best.
This category is suitable for people that love eating outside, watch movie & love travelling/staycation (Payment for your hotel room over the counter is under "Dining & Leisure". If you book your hotel room online, it will be under "Travel", else you can consider DBS Live Fresh to get 5% cashback for all online payment).

The downside for this card is you can only redeem the cashback in $50 block. So if you do frequent restaurant or hotel, you shouldn't have difficulty meeting that $50 block.

Click here for more product information:

I had shared my methods as above.
If you have other methods not mentioned above, feel free to share it with me via the below comments (Sharing is Caring <3)

Every cents counts................................

ps: I am ok to click on your ref link for signup as long as it is useful to me :D