Friday, February 9, 2018

SOLD: AIMS AMP Capital Industrial

Sold my 20,000 shares of AIMS AMP REIT on 6th Feb at $1.33
Total loss of $1185.59 (4.3%) in 7 days.

Reasons for selling it:
US stock first dropped 1+% on 3rd Feb (SGT) and dropped another 4.6% on 6th Feb (SGT).
6th Feb is the biggest decline since August 2011, during the European debt crisis.

Seeing such a big drop within few days span, it lead me to fear that "Crash is coming".

I quickly punch into my calculator to have a feel on the price will be like if (5th Feb close pricing) $1.34 - 5% (simulate the same drop in % as the US stock market) and I got $1.27.

20,000 shares x ($1.27 - $1.38) = -$2,200


20,000 shares x ($1.33 - $1.38) = -$1,000

Thus, I went to sell my AA Reit at $1.33 thinking to have a stop-loss in case it really dropped 5%.


  1. Hi,

    Don't mind me asking, but any reason why you applied the selling rationale on AA REIT instead of your other counters in your portfolio?


    1. Hi Bedokian,
      sorry for the super late reply as I just saw this comment.

      Basically, I only have 5 stocks in my portfolio:
      1) CapitaMall Trust
      2) Parkway Life REIT
      3) Singtel
      4) Vicom
      5) AA REIT

      - CMT & PLife is my main 2 strong pillar which I will not sell it anytime near soon unless the fundamental of the stock change.
      - Singtel I believe the price is underwater currently. I expect the price will go up to $4 range. As such, Singtel have a potential of being a growth & dividend stock as compare to AA Reit which is a dividend stock.
      - Vicom increased its dividend policy from 50% to 90% recently. So no reason for me to cut that as my main objective is to build up my dividend cashflow.

      As such, being a new stock in my portfolio (AA REIT), I sold it off to have a safety net if the price really dropped. Well, I was wrong as the price did not drop as I expected.