Sunday, January 5, 2020

Performance appraisal of my 2019 portfolio

My KPI for 2019 is to achieve minimally $5,985 of dividends (See post).

Actual amount for 2019: S$9,240.86

There is a big jump from 2018 dividend amount to 2019 dividend amount all thanks to Sasseur REIT (Link).

Since this is a one off event, thus I wont be revising my 2020 dividend target amount as I dont think I will be able to receive dividend higher than $9,240 in year 2020.  

As i had already achieved my 2019 dividend target sometime in Apr 2019, i set myself another target in Apr 2019 (Link) of achieving $200,000 portfolio by end of 2019.

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1Keppel Infrastructure Trust45,000
4HongKongLand USD12,000

Portfolio market value as of 3rd Jan 2020: $165,598
[$140,598 (Exclude 38,700 Perennial shares held in CPFIS) + $25k war chest]
1USD: SGD1.35

Unfortunately, I did not hit this $200,000 portfolio target.

If Hong Kong riot had ended and HongKongLand share price went back to its USD6.80 level, I will be nearer to my $200,000 portfolio.

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  1. With compounding working its magic, I believe your projected dividend passive income by 50 yo will be much higher