Monday, December 12, 2022

CircleDNA review (Home Kit DNA Test)


What is Circle DNA?

Circle DNA empower individuals with valuable health insights to live healthier and happier lives. We give everyone the power to be in control of their own health.

Why am I interested in Circle DNA?

I got to know about Circle DNA via Channel New Asia (CNA) Talking Point - S1E17: DNA Test Kits: Are They Worth My Money?

I am interested to gain insight about my DNA in order for me to take preventive steps instead of reactive, so that to have a healthy life.

Lucky to get the Circle Premium set during pre Black Friday sales at SGD350 (Usual SGD899).


Receive the test kit via FedEx delivery

Premium Kit have the most comprehensive reports

Good user experience to know this DNA kit have a safety seal

Love letter from CEO & CO-Founder

Need to download the Circle apps. They have DNA kit for dog too 

COVID had trained us to be pro in using Swab. For Circle DNA, they requested to swab against your cheek.

Instruction provided are clear and easy to follow. Done collected my DNA :)

Ready to be send back

Circle DNA did include a return FedEx envelope for you to ship your DNA back to Hong Kong.

One unpleasant experience is scheduling for FedEx pickup. As I called in at around 10+pm, I was put on call queue for more than 30mins and nobody picked up my call :(
I gave up waiting and when I try called back the next day 8+am, my call was picked up within 10 secs and FedEx is able to come to collect on the same day itself.

Waiting for my results since my test kit was picked up on 24 Nov 2022.

Circle DNA url: 

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