Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Added: Keppel Corp (Aug 2020)

Bought 6,000 shares of Keppel Corp on 26 Aug at $4.60.

Without these bad news recently, I wont be able to buy Keppel Corp at such cheap price.
              - Withdrawal of Temasek offer
              - 1H result net loss due to impairments
              - COVID 19
              - Low oil price
              - Reduced dividend

Reasons for buying:
1) Price at 10 years low

2) PB 0.81

3) Keppel Corp Holdings

Keppel DC REIT + Keppel Infrastructure Trust are two of my most favourite.

4) Keppel Corp Vision 2030

5) Potential Temasek re-offer 6 ~ 24 months later
It really make no sense for Temasek to proceed with the original offer given that how bad current economy is. Worst is nobody knows how long this cold winter will lasts. 

Thus, Temasek need to conserve cash and "help" their other children who need the cash more to survive.

As such, the offer plan was cancel and should get review again in near future.

For Temasek to make their initial offer, thousands of man hours, justifications, if-then-else scenario  and etc had sunk in. 

6) Sustainable Future

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