Friday, February 21, 2020

Added: HongKong Land USD (Feb 2020)

Bought another 2,000 shares of HongKong Land on 21 Feb at USD5.36
This is in additional of 10,000 shares bought on 1st Aug 2019 at USD6.10 (Link) & 2,000 shares on 29 Aug 2019 at USD5.44 (Link).
This bring my total holding to 14,000 shares. 

Reasons for buying remain mainly the same as above.

1) PB of only 0.33
I am paying just 33 cents to buy $1 worth of asset

2) Growing NAV
2014: USD11.75
2015: USD12.24
2016: USD13.34
2017: USD15.66
2018: USD16.43
2019: USD16.50

HongKong Land is growing bigger and bigger every year.
NAV will continue to be higher given good amount of new development in the pipeline.

3) Giant winning bid of new Shanghai site (USD4.4B)
This should be a good news to HongKongLand for winning the bid.
However, the market didnt seem to like this given that the price dropped 3.47% (19 cents) on 21 Feb after the trading halt resumed.

Given management past track record, this will be a very good addition to HongKongLand portfolio in the long run. Patient is required for this to bear fruits. This is the norm as a property developer. You cant expect to become pregnant and give birth within 1 month. 

Take a look at CapitaLand Raffles City Chongqing.

While CapitaLand is constructing and preparing for the opening of Raffles City Chongqing, CapitaLand on hand had other China mega projects (not to mention outside of China) such as Raffles City Changning (Opened 2015), Raffles City Shenzhen (Opened 2016), Raffles City Hangzhou (Opened 2016) and CapitaMall LuOne (Opened 2018).

Look at where CapitaLand is now when they went ahead with all these mega projects. 

In Nov 2018, GIC and CapitaLand joined force to purchase Shanghai's tallest twin towers for 12.8 billion yuan (S$2.54B) (Link).

4) Upcoming 2019 Financial result
HongKongLand will be announcing their 2019 Financial result on 5th Mar (Thur). 
Given the COVID2019 virus suitation + HK riots + potentially economic downturn, still expecting HongKongLand to declare at least USD0.13/share of dividend.

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