Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summary of my portfolio - Aug 2016

No. Counters No. of Shares
1 CapitaRetail China Trust 900
2 DBS  1600
3 Keppel Corp 2600
4 Vicom 2000
5 Warchest $16,940

Quick Summary:
  • Added 1600 shares of DBS @ $15.08 on 2nd Aug - Read Here
  • Sold 2700 shares of Vicom @ $5.83 on 11th Aug - Read Here
  • Profit of $112.93 for 2700 shares of Vicom for FIFO in 43days (Purchase 30th Jun 16 & Sell on 11th Aug 16)
  • Received $160 dividend for my balance 2000 Vicom shares on 25th Aug

DBS declared 30cents of dividend on 8th Aug.
So I have upcoming $480 of dividend from DBS.
Received the DBS Scrip letter which shows that I am entitled to 33 shares if I were to choose to take scrip (Scrip price at $14.81/shares).

Tempted to take the scrip.
DBS shareholders, what is your choice - Cash or Scrip?


  1. i would take the scrip, it is (typically) discounted, so why suffer the dilution by taking cash? Its odd lots, but 积少成多. Finally, not every company provide the option for scrip, one would notice only the established firms offer this option, so usually i would not be adverse to accept the scrip, unless U really do not wan to deal with odd lots. YMMV : P my 2 cents pse, for ur consideration, cheers, and happy investing.

    1. Thank you. In the end, I chose cash.

      Reason being:
      1) As I am using POEMS, so it would cost me min $10 comm if I were to sell it in the future.
      2) With only 33 shares, even if the price raise to $15.81, I only profit $33. Almost 1/3 gone to paying comm
      3) My main reason for buying DBS is just for FIFO
      4) There is no further discount on taking scrip
      5) Make my life easier by not having odds lots