Thursday, May 19, 2016

Receiving my dividend via ......................... CHEQUE

Majority of the investors receive their dividend directly into their bank account.

For myself (CDxD), I opt to receive via cheque!!!

I feel that receiving your "hard-earned" dividend via cheque have more SHIOK feeling than it was being credited directly into your bank account.

Same like paying $5000 via swiping your CC (not much feeling - Swipe first think later) VS paying via cash (heart pain - better consider and reconsider again to think want buy anot)

Anyone same as me over here?!?!?!?!?!

Shall poison you all with some of my 2016 dividend payment  *evil*

ASCOTT REIT - Apr 2016

ASCOTT REIT - Feb 2016

CMT - Feb 2016

M1 - Apr 2016

VICOM - May 2016


  1. Nice! Power of CD! :)

    Receiving cheques in your mailbox is a great feeling to have. Unfortunately, my portfolio is too huge with lots of dividend-paying stocks. So I go for electronic transfer for the sake of convenience sake. Looking at the long list of CD printed in my bank account book is also quite shiok! LOL...

    1. When I reach your level, I will most likely change to e-transfer too :D

  2. Hi CDxD,

    Welcome to the blogging world.

    Receiving cheques in the mailbox is shiok. Unfortunately, letters do get lost sometimes...

    Also, be environment conscious and save some trees, haha.

    Same as DK, I feel shiok seeing the long list of CD printed in my bank account book.