Friday, October 29, 2021

Regretted not paying $29 for Secretlab chair assembly service

During product checkout, you have the options to opt for Assembly service at $29 per chair or Same day / Sunday delivery at $19 per chair.

After looking at the official Assembly Guide and Assembly Video Guide provided by Secretlab, my first thought to myself was there are only 15 steps needed, shouldn't be hard. 

Thus I selected to self assemble so that I can experience the wonderful unboxing experience too.   

The whole packaging weighted 34.5kg (Salute to Secretlab delivery man who need to deliver the chair single-handedly).

The packaging hit 1 of my toe when I trying to move this heavy box (Ouch from my toe).

Everything was nicely packed inside.

The quality of the plastic and cardboard used are super thick.
I definitely appreciate this but if Secretlab can achieve the same objective with more environment friendly material used, that will be prefect.

There are 2 steps which require extra pair of hands to help out unless you are very strong.

Well, Secretlab did pre-empt you too in their Assembly Guide.

I would like to add 2 more pointers:
1) You need a big clear space when doing the self assembly
2) Prepare your own scissor

In the end, I think I took almost 30mins to finish assembling my first Secretlab chair and was sweating too in the end.

$29 is worth paying for the assembly service by Secretlab.

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  1. Honestly doesn't look particularly difficult from the instructions. I assemble Ikea furniture including their office chairs for my home all the time. Can't imagine paying $29 for someone else to do it.

    1. Yes you are right. I don't think it is difficult to be honest. It is more of need the strength since material is heavy and especially to perform step 10 & 14 only.

  2. Honestly you bought the wrong chair
    GL on your purchase