Sunday, August 30, 2020

Summary of my portfolio - Aug 2020

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1First REIT48,000
2HongKongLand USD21,200
3ST Engineering20,000
6Keppel Corp6,000
7NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia Ex Japan Reit via POSB Invest Saver178

  • Bought 1,700 shares of HongKongLand on 4 Aug at USD3.73 (Link)
  • $1,000 of ST Engineering dividend declared on 14 Aug (5cents/share), payout on 2 Sep
  • Bought 178 shares of NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia Ex Japan Reit via POSB Invest Saver at $1.12 (Cost: $199.18)
  • Bought 6,000 shares of Keppel Corp on 26 Aug at $4.60 (Link)

Mrs CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1STI ETF via POSB invest Saver928

Apr 2020: 185 shares at $2.67                Cost: $498.37 (with $4.42 sales charge)
May 2020: 190 shares at $2.604             Cost: $498.87 (with $4.11 sales charge)
Jun 2020: 182 shares at $2.725              Cost: $499.96 (with $4.10 sales charge)
Jul 2020: 183 shares at $2.695               Cost: $497.37 (with $4.10 sales charge)
Aug 2020: 188 shares at $2.628             Cost: $498.17 (with $4.08 sales charge)

  • $36.87 of STI ETF dividend payout on 17 Jul (6.62 cents /share) for 557 shares

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Added: Keppel Corp (Aug 2020)

Bought 6,000 shares of Keppel Corp on 26 Aug at $4.60.

Without these bad news recently, I wont be able to buy Keppel Corp at such cheap price.
              - Withdrawal of Temasek offer
              - 1H result net loss due to impairments
              - COVID 19
              - Low oil price
              - Reduced dividend

Reasons for buying:
1) Price at 10 years low

2) PB 0.81

3) Keppel Corp Holdings

Keppel DC REIT + Keppel Infrastructure Trust are two of my most favourite.

4) Keppel Corp Vision 2030

5) Potential Temasek re-offer 6 ~ 24 months later
It really make no sense for Temasek to proceed with the original offer given that how bad current economy is. Worst is nobody knows how long this cold winter will lasts. 

Thus, Temasek need to conserve cash and "help" their other children who need the cash more to survive.

As such, the offer plan was cancel and should get review again in near future.

For Temasek to make their initial offer, thousands of man hours, justifications, if-then-else scenario  and etc had sunk in. 

6) Sustainable Future

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Switched from DBS Multiplier to POSB Cashback Bonus account

For the last few months, the interest rate for our saving account had been dropping.

This is mainly due to FED had decreased the interest rate.

This near zero interest rate will likely remain till 2022 (Link).

Given that stock market had also taken a hit in the last few months, I had used almost near 100% of my warchest kept in DBS Multiplier account to buy stocks such as HongKong Land, UIC, ComfortDelGro and ST Engineering.

As such, if I were to continue to remain in DBS Multiplier account, the interest amount i will be receiving for the month of Aug 2020 will be less than $1.

Thus, I made a switch from DBS Multiplier to POSB Cashback Bonus account on 8 Aug 2020 in order to maintain similar interest amount i had been receiving via DBS Multiplier.

The categories are similar in both DBS Multiplier and POSB Cashback Bonus account thou.

The main diff is DBS Multiplier award your interest rate based on your Transactions amount + Multiplier account balance vs POSB Cashback Bonus just based on your Transactions amount.
DBS Multiplier

POSB Cashback Bonus

Why POSB Cashback Bonus account instead of DBS Multiplier?
POSB Cashback Bonus account will be good for those like me who are low in saving currently.

Can I join both POSB Cashback Bonus and DBS Multiplier program?
Nope. You can only join 1 program.

How do i make a switch from DBS Multiplier to POSB Cashback Bonus and vice versa?
Log in to your ibanking account -> Request -> More Request -> Switch Bank & Earn Programme
The switch is instant.

More questions?
Refer to POSB Cashback Bonus FAQ

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