Monday, July 31, 2017

Summary of my portfolio - Jun & Jul 2017

No. Counters No. of Shares
1 CapitaMall Trust 16,500
2 Keppel Corp 3,100
3 Parkway Life REIT 7,000
4 Singtel 4,000
5 Vicom 2,000

Quick summary:

  • Added: Bought 4,000 shares of Singtel on 5th Jun at $3.82
  • Bought mainly due to the launch of NetLink Trust IPO & upcoming dividend 10.7cents in Aug which I believe will push the stock price higher due to this 2 factors.

  • Contra: Bought 100,000 shares of Q&M at $0.655 on 9th Jun and sold off at $0.665 on that day 
  • Profit of $134.17 for FIFO in 1 days - 0.2% Profit 
  • Contra: Short Sell 100,000 shares of Q&M at $0.67 on 22nd Jun and bought at $0.6778 on that day 
  • Loss of $1154.97 for FIFO in 1 days - 1.7% Loss 
  • Lesson learnt: First time trying Short Sell and pay an expensive lesson fees for it :(
  • Although $1000+  might not seem to be huge amount to some, but that amount almost equal to my whole Q2 dividend collected *ouch x 10*
  • Added: Bought 500 shares of Keppel Corp on 21st Jun at $6.19
  • Bought mainly due to average down my Kep Corp price, O&G might be near bottom and Kep Corp have property sector to act as buffer while waiting for O&G to recover
Power of Dividend =)
  • $248 of Keppel dividend declared on 20th Jul (8 cents/share)
  • $453.75 of CapitaMall Trust dividend declared on 21st Jul (2.75cents/share)
  • $232.40 of Parkway Life REIT dividend declared on 25th Jul (3.32cents/share)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summary of my portfolio - Feb, Mar, Apr, May 2017

I had been MIA since Feb 2017 due to attending 1 week course, followed by 2 weeks of reservist, 2 weeks of holiday and 2 weeks of business trip. All these activities are just excuses for not finding time to blog :(
No. of Shares
CapitaMall Trust
Keppel Corp
Parkway Life REIT
Quick summary:
  • Contra: Bought 12,500 shares of Singtel at $3.84 on 9th Feb and sold off at $3.94 on 13th Feb 
  • Profit of $917.02 for FIFO in 4 days - 1.9% Profit (Read here
  • Sold 11,000 shares of CapitaRetail China Trust on 9th Feb at $1.49 
  • Profit of $1180.69 for 11,000 shares of CRCT in 3 months - 7.5% Profit (Read here
  • Contra: Bought 13,000 shares of Comfortdelgro at $2.41 on 20th Feb and sold off at $2.43 on 23rd Feb 
  • Profit of $44.57 for FIFO in 3 days - 0.14% Profit 
  • Contra: Bought 90,000 shares of Q&M at $0.675 on 23rd May and sold off at $0.66 on 30th May 
  • Loss of $1684.27 for FIFO in 7 days - 2.76% Loss 
  • Received $475.20 of dividends from CapitaMall Trust on 28th Feb
  • Received $312 of dividends from Keppel Corp on 11th May
  • Received $370 of dividends from Vicom on 11th May
  • Received $229.60 of dividends from Parkwaylife REIT on 26th May
  • Received $450.45 of dividends from CapitaMall Trust on 29th May

Saturday, February 25, 2017

FIFO: ComfortDelgro

After my first successful contra trade on Singtel few days ago, I made my 2nd contra trade on ComfortDelGro on 20th Feb.

Seeing the price went down few days ago to near 52wk low, I bought 13,000 shares at $2.41 on 20th Feb.
As this is intended for contra, therefore, I had to sell it within T+3.
The price hardly move during these 4 days and I sold it at $2.43 on 23rd Feb, just barely enough to cover the trading fees and made only $44.57 as profit in 4 days.

This is a far cry from my first contra profit from Singtel of $917.02 (Click here).

I feel it is not easy to play contra and luck do play a huge part in this.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

SOLD: CapitaRetail China Trust, FIFO: Singtel, BUY: Parkwaylife REIT

Sold my 11,000 shares of CRCT on 9th Feb at $1.49.
Total profit of $1180.69 in 3 months (Inclusive of pending dividend of $520.30)

The shares price run up quite abit after AK blogged that he added CRCT to his portfolio on 2nd Feb ( Thanks AK =)

Given that it went up without much new good fundamental, thus, I decided to sold it off as I believe the price will drop after the "AK effect".

Bought 12,500 shares of Singtel on 9th Feb at $3.84.
After reading the before market Qtr release result, compare to M1 & Starhub result, I think Singtel did better than them. So I quickly initial a buy queue at $3.85 (Thought the price will went up), and it got executed at $3.84.

Sold off all the 12,500 shares of Singtel on 13th Feb at $3.94.  
Total profit of $917.02 in 4 days.
This also mark my very first contra trade.

Bought 7,000 shares of ParkwayLife REIT on 16th Feb at $2.39.
This have been in my watchlist for quite sometime as I always wanted to add a healthcare sector to my portfolio.
Given that I just sold off CRCT on 9th Feb, and the price of ParkwayLife REIT dropped to below $2.40, thus I went ahead to purchase it. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Summary of my portfolio - Jan 2017

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1CapitaMall Trust16,500
2CapitaRetail China Trust11,000
3Keppel Corp2,600

Quick summary:
  • CMT 2016 Q4 DPU 2.88cents
  • $475.20 of dividends (Payment on 28th Feb 2017)

  • CRCT 2016 2H DPU 4.73cents
  • $520.30 of dividends (Payment on 23rd Mar 2017)

  • Keppel Corp 2H DPU 12cents
  • $312 of dividends (Payment on 11th May 2017)

  • Vicom - Pending release result in Feb 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Life as a 1 week Uber driver during company forced leave (Part 2)

This is the second and final part of the post - "Life as a 1 week Uber driver during company forced leave"
Click here to read Part 1 if you have not done so.

Are you all ready for the Numbers?

The length of Singapore from West to East is around 50km.

For the 7 days, I had clocked:
43hours and 41mins on the road (Average 6.25hours per day)
Mileage: 1077KM (Average 154km per day)
60 Uber trips (Average 8.6 trips per day)

This mean I had drive from one end of Singapore to the other end 22 times.

My take home pay for the 7 days is S$1048
This work out to be around $23.80/hr of salary

Sounds good??
HOLD ON first.
Let me show you the breakdown because as a new Uber driver, I have additional new joiner incentive.
So let take off these new joiner incentive and see how it is like

  Take home pay:    $1048
- Referral:               $100
- $1 for $1 match:   $200 (Cap at $200) 
- Smove car rental: $442 (First week free rental)

My take home pay, without all the new joiner incentive, will drop to S$306
This work out to be around $7/hr of salary

However, if you drive during both the peak hours (6am - 10am & 6pm to 11pm) where there is fare surge, you can definitely earn double my amount or more.

1) If you have a full time job (5 days 9-5 without/little OT) earning above $2500/mth, I don't think Uber is suitable to do full time unless you willing to have a paycut (Not to mention no employer CPF contribution, no MC, no leave, no benefit, no AWS and no bonus)
2) If solely based on normal Uber fare, Uber driver wont be able to survive. It is the incentive and surge during the peak hours that is attractive.
3) Having to say that, full time Uber driver normally will start driving from 6am to 11am, go back home sleep and come out to drive again from 5pm to 11pm (11 working hours)
4) Beside the no employer CPF contribution, no MC, no leave, no benefit, no AWS and no bonus, Uber driver also is of higher risk compare to office worker such as possible car accidents and traffic fine ($$$$$$).
5) I feel it is bad for health too as drivers need to hold their bladders quite frequently
6) Driving Uber is good for those who tender without a job or do it part time during their free hours to earn extra income
7) If you have at least 2 days of annual leave to spare, you can consider driving Uber for few days to take advantages of the new joiner incentive. Drop me an email to if you would like to have $100 sign up bonus (subject to changes from Uber) + tips for new Uber driver.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Transferred $10,000 from CPF OA to SA

I am 30 years old this year and I just triggered a transferred of  $10,000 from my CPF OA to SA today. This is my first transfer.

The main reason for this action is to build a stronger retirement nest by using 25 years of time to let the compounding magic do its work.

CPF did provide an OA to SA Transfer calculator for you to see how much extra interest you will earn when you reach 55years old.
Click here for the OA-SA calculator

This is how my CPF account look like before the transfer.
OA:              $58,XXX
SA:               $22,XXX
MA:             $25,XXX

Some of you might wonder, do I have a BTO flat yet?
The answer is Yes. But I only made the 5% downpayment (HDB loan) and key collection will be in Q4 2019.
Lucky and fortunately, my 4 room flat cost me just $260,XXX

I had did my maths and assuming we do not have any pay increment or AWS or bonus since 2016 all the way till our loan finishes, it will take us around 8years to fully paid finished our HDB loan.

To us, 8 years seem reasonable and if I were to get unemployed, I still can use my CPFIS as a backup plan.