Sunday, March 20, 2022

Unboxing: Secret Labs Titan Evo 2022 vs ErgoTune Supreme chair

Both Secret Lab and Ergotune cost additional S$29 if you opt for their assembly services.

In term of number of steps require to assembly your chair, Secret Lab required 15 while Ergotune just need 6.

Although Secret Lab required more steps than Ergotune during assembly, the instructions clarity is very detailed unlike Ergotune where I will get stuck in some steps still.

I took roughly 30 mins to setup my Secret Lab chair vs 25 mins to setup my Ergotune chair. 

Secret Lab chair is bigger and heavier than Ergotune, thus based on 1 man effort, Ergotune is easier. As Secret Lab also uses higher quality and thicker packaging material, that contribute to the strength required too.

I did blog about regret not paying $29 for Secret lab assembly service here. I dont require for Ergotune assembly service if you ask me.

In term of eye candy, I think Secret Lab won hand down as Ergotune is having a simple and plain box look.

Beside the outer box look, Secret Lab also have a better look and feel when first open the box.

Secret Lab really put alot of effort and thoughts in their packaging. 

The carton box is thick and heavy, which I believe their 5 feet drop test is genuine while Ergotune is using those normal carton box which you usually received.

Secret Lab wrap their part items in thick, clear, see through plastic while Ergotune use those cheap and thin wrap.

Secret Lab tools box are packaged elegant (cost $25 kind) while Ergotune pack it as those you are buying it in your neighbour hardware store (cost $1 kind).

Not sure why Ergotune nail screw have blue dye on them too. 

I am quite surprise that Ergotune won this user manual category to be honest. 

The colour Ergotune used and beside on the usual product guide, Ergotune even add in a guide regard to correct sitting posture which added value to their customer.

Secret Lab won 4 vs 3 Ergotune in my unboxing 8 categories (1 of the category is a tie).

I will write another review on the comfort, design and build experience after using it for next few days.

Stay tune ;) 

Update: Review: Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 vs ErgoTune Supreme chair

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