Monday, December 6, 2021

HongKongLand: Invested more than USD100k into this stock (Part 6)


Recap on background

HKL announced share buyback programme on 06 Sep 2021 (Link).

HKL planned to invest up to USD500M till 31 Dec 2022 and shares purchased under in this programme will be cancelled.

HKL share price was USD4.20 on 06 Sep before the announcement was made.

How many % of the USD500M used to date?

Just 34% only

Note: You can refer back to my old post for share buyback before 3 Nov.

52w high is at USD5.80 (19 Nov)
HKL highest share price paid is USD5.765 (17 Nov)
HKL largest single day buyback amount is USD22,605,498 (28 Oct)
HKL 2nd largest single day buyback amount is USD17,133,850 (23 Nov)

Unfortunately due to the new Omicron variant on 26 Nov (link), there is a selloff in the stock market.
HKL is not spare from this sell off too.
The share price of HKL derail and dropped to USD5.56 at the 30% milestone on 29 Nov.

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