Sunday, May 3, 2020

Summary of my portfolio - Apr 2020

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1First REIT48,000
2HongKongLand USD15,500
4Keppel Infra Trust116,000

April had been a very busy month for me with quite alot of transaction made.
April is also a HAPPY month for me as my portfolio hit the $200,000 new milestone (Link).

  • Added 30,000 shares of Sasseur on 1 Apr at $0.58 (Link
  • Sold 30,000 shares of AIMS APAC REIT on 14 Apr at $1.17. Total profit of $3672.25 (11.2%) in 1 month (Link)
  • Sold 30,000 shares of Sasseur on 14 Apr at $0.66. Total profit of $2271.87 (13%) in 14 days (Link)
  • Added 116,000 shares of Keppel Infrastructure Trust on 17 Apr at $0.47 (Link
  • $1078.80 of Keppel Infrastructure Trust dividend declared on 20 Apr (0.93cents/share), payout on 15 May
  • Sold 14,800 shares of Perennial on 22 Apr at $0.43. Total loss of $6081.71 (-48%) in 2 years (Link)
  • Transferred $17,000 from CPF OA to SA (Link)

Mrs CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1STI ETF via POSB invest Saver185
Given the fall in stock market, I had asked Mrs CDxD to re-join the investment market.
Her first and only stock bought so far is Singtel in Oct 2017 (Link) and was sold in July 2019 (Link), earning her some coffee money.

Although not much money earned, but at least her first stock did not ended in loss.
Since late 2019, I have been telling (preparing) her about POSB Invest Saver as she is the kind of super safe kind which like Fixed Deposit (FD) only.
Thus, if i did not prepare her but suddenly just ask her to put in $500 monthly into POSB Invest Saver, the chance of it happening will be very low. 

As she is not comfortable with putting one lump sum into the market, thus doing dollar cost averaging (DCA) is the next best option in order to board the boat for the next bull run.

She will be putting in $500 every month from Apr 2020 onward.

Apr 2020: 185 shares at $2.67     Cost: $498.37 (with $4.42 sales charge)

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