Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Miss CDxD bought her first stock

Like most people who do not dare to enter stock market due to hearing many horror stories, I finally persuaded Miss CDxD (will be Mrs CDxD in Feb 2018 :D) to use her CPF money to buy her first stock.

One of the biggest push factor for her is seeing my dividend cheques in the month of Aug 2017 (See post here).

Yes, I opt for receiving all my dividend in physical cheques so that I can touch, feel and smell the cheque rather than 1 liner cold and untouchable sentence appearing in my ibanking transaction (See post here) .

The first stock which I purchase on behalf of her is ..................................................

                          3000 shares at the price of $3.68 on 9th Oct 2017

I find that it is more stressful to select her first stock than when I am selecting the stock for myself due to:
1) It is her very first stock
2) It is her money
3) Her trust which she given it to me

If for whatever reason the price tanked, this might be her very last stock too due to lost of confident.

                                                                   Why Singtel???

I believe this article sum up the reason perfectly why I choose Singtel for her - http://aspire.sharesinv.com/51018/3-reasons-why-singtel-might-make-a-turnaround/

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