Wednesday, May 20, 2020

SOLD: Keppel Infrastructure Trust & Added: ST Engineering

Sold my 116,000 shares of Keppel Infra Trust on 19 May at $0.51.
Total profit of $5401.79 (10%) in 1 month.

Reason for selling:
Limited upside in this Volatile stage

I love Keppel Infra Trust for its stability in term of high dividend payout as this stock is still Business as Usual in this COVID era.

Thus, the share price swing back up quickly (Nice V shape recovery).

The 52w high is $0.56 (10% more to reach 52w high).

Given this volatile stage, alot of stocks have not reach back pre-COVID price still, especially in Retail, Hospitality and Airline related industry.
So would like to use this chance to go for Capital Gain instead of focusing on dividend.

Bought 20,000 shares of ST Engineering on 19 May at $3.31.

Reasons for buying ST Engineering:

1) Essential company in this COVID era
The Management foresee that FY2020 revenue to be between 5~15% lower vs FY2019

This is consider awesome as compare to company mentioning revenue expected to be lower by 50~90% in the hositality and airline industry.

Comparing a 5~15% drop in revenue vs the share price drop from $4.42 to my buy price of $3.31 (CD of $0.10), it is a 25% drop.
It is a 27% drop if you remove away the 10 cents dividend which XD on 20 May.

2) If you fail to PLAN, you are planning to FAIL
In Q1 2020 Market update on 15 May. the management included slides on their Mitigating factors.
It is good to see company try to predict what is the possible scenario ahead and what should the company do to minimise the impact to the minimal.

3) Strong book order


"Since mid-February 2020, engineering firm Singapore Technologies (ST) Engineering has begun domestic production of medical-grade surgical masks and the masks are now being tried and fitted at Singapore's hospitals that are in the frontline fight against Covid-19. 

In an online interview with the media on Wednesday (May 6), Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said that Singapore had to restart its domestic production capabilities when one of its foreign suppliers could not fulfil its contractual obligations recently to produce surgical masks. 

For now, ST Engineering’s production facility in Singapore will solely focus on supplying medical-grade surgical masks for the frontline healthcare workers at hospitals here tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been making N95 masks in Singapore since 2015.

Mr Tang said that it was very challenging to set up ST Engineering’s production facility because they had to do it in “record time” from the beginning of the outbreak in Singapore from end-January to mid-February." 

5) Smart City x Technology

6) Super low interest rate for 5 yrs notes

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  1. I am hoping to add on ST Eng when it drops below $3! =)

    1. Me too... think their 52 week low is $2.88. It is an essential company with government linked gene

    2. ST Engineering did share buyback of 4 x 500,000 shares from 20 - 27 May 2020 :D