Sunday, August 30, 2020

Summary of my portfolio - Aug 2020

Mr CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1First REIT48,000
2HongKongLand USD21,200
3ST Engineering20,000
6Keppel Corp6,000
7NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia Ex Japan Reit via POSB Invest Saver178

  • Bought 1,700 shares of HongKongLand on 4 Aug at USD3.73 (Link)
  • $1,000 of ST Engineering dividend declared on 14 Aug (5cents/share), payout on 2 Sep
  • Bought 178 shares of NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia Ex Japan Reit via POSB Invest Saver at $1.12 (Cost: $199.18)
  • Bought 6,000 shares of Keppel Corp on 26 Aug at $4.60 (Link)

Mrs CDxD portfolio

No.CountersNo. of Shares
1STI ETF via POSB invest Saver928

Apr 2020: 185 shares at $2.67                Cost: $498.37 (with $4.42 sales charge)
May 2020: 190 shares at $2.604             Cost: $498.87 (with $4.11 sales charge)
Jun 2020: 182 shares at $2.725              Cost: $499.96 (with $4.10 sales charge)
Jul 2020: 183 shares at $2.695               Cost: $497.37 (with $4.10 sales charge)
Aug 2020: 188 shares at $2.628             Cost: $498.17 (with $4.08 sales charge)

  • $36.87 of STI ETF dividend payout on 17 Jul (6.62 cents /share) for 557 shares


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, $4.60.. Must be cant wait for it to surge up to $6.40.. LOL
      Thanks for your sharp eye :)

  2. Really brave to still hold on to first reit

    1. To be honest, the share price already reflected the current situation, thus, there is no point for me to exit at a loss.

      Although there is potential that the situation might worsen and become like Eagle Hospitality Trust (EHT), that is the risk we have to take in the stock market environment.

  3. i am holding First Reit too. Hopefully the proposal by Lippo is not too bad.

    1. As a First Reit shareholder, I am hoping the same as you.
      But I dont think it will be favoring to us.
      The proposal will be 1 sided, favoring toward the sponsor (Lippo).

      So we can only rely on our other sponsor (OUE) to fight for everyone.

      I guess this is the lesson I learnt regard to risk when the sponsor are from Indonesia or India.