Tuesday, June 16, 2020

SOLD: Perennial (Jun 2020)

Sold my 38,700 shares of Perennial on 15 Jun at $0.94.
Total profit of $5555.62 (17.9%) in 2 years 2 months.

Reason for selling:
1) Privatize at $0.95

I wrote a blog post regard Perennial is going to privatize at $0.95 (Link).
This whole process will take a few months to complete.
It is worth unlock at $0.94 and reinvest the amount into another stock opportunity.

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  1. Nice profit, and see you have a concentrated portfolio. Anything in mind to re-deploy your cash to the market? Cheers

    1. Hi Ren

      Yes, I only have a few stocks in my portfolio (3 to be exact).

      Some prefer diversify while some prefer concentrated portfolio.
      No right or wrong as long as the risk is taken care for.

      Yes, I had shortlisted 1 potential gem (hopefully will be the same as Perennial).
      Waiting for the right price to go in :D