Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Added: HongKong Land USD (Mar 2020)

Bought another 1,500 shares of HongKong Land on 10 Mar at USD4.65
This is in additional of 10,000 shares bought on 1st Aug 2019 at USD6.10 (Link), 2,000 shares on 29 Aug 2019 at USD5.44 (Link) & 2,000 shares on 21 Feb at USD5.36 (Link).
This bring my total holding to 15,500 shares. 

Reasons for buying:

1) Good 2019 results announced on 5th Mar

Hong Kong Office

Hong Kong Retail

Singapore Office

2) PB of only 0.28
I am paying just 28 cents to buy $1 worth of asset

3) NAV
2014: USD11.75
2015: USD12.24
2016: USD13.34
2017: USD15.66
2018: USD16.43
2019: USD16.39

HongKong Land is growing bigger and bigger every year except in 2019 where there is a slight drop.

This is mainly due to the HK protest which causes the evaluation of Hong Kong properties to be lower as compare to peace time.
Nevertheless. NAV will continue to be higher given good amount of new development in the pipeline.

4) Stable dividend and lower payout ratio

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