Monday, January 29, 2018

Special day - 4th Feb 2018

You may or may not know, Li Chun fell on 4th Feb 2018 (Sun).

Chinese folk belief that it is much easier to balance an egg during Li Chun than at any other time of the year

Whether you are superstition or not, this going to affect you if you plan to use the ATM on that day.

According to the superstition, people believe that whoever wear RED top and bank in their money at the appropriate timings according to their Chinese zodiac on Li Chun will bring them good fortune.

I myself have been doing this for the past few years too.
The only diff starting from last year is instead of Q-ing at the ATM, I used DBS PayLah! app.
I will transfer $8 to my PayLah! acc in advance and on 4th Feb at my auspicious timings, I will transfer this $8 from my PayLah! acc back into my POSB bank acc to simulate banking money into own bank acc.
Leveraging on the power of Technology!!!!!

I guess that works since my portfolio crossed $100,000 in Dec 2017 (See post here).

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