Friday, January 19, 2018

SOLD: Keppel Corporation


Sold my 3,100 shares of Keppel Corp on 18th Jan at $8.28
Total profit of $2353.58/9.35% in 4 yrs 2 months (Including dividend)

I remembered I first bought 1,000 Kep Corp shares in 17th Nov 2014 for $9.14.
Based on my buy price, it had already dropped 18% from the price of $11.
Since I was just into the stock market for less than a year, I thought I might have caught the bottom and went in to pull the trigger to buy it.
The price keep dropping and dropping from then onward.
This is indeed what other investor say "Don't try to catch a falling knife".

To average down, I bought another 1,000 Kep Corp shares in 20th May 2015 for $8.74.
Another 600 shares in 13th Nov 2015 for $6.81 and my last buy is 500 shares in 21st Jun 2017 for $6.19.

This make my average price around $8.12/share.

Reasons for selling it:
1) I don't foresee WTI Crude Oil is able to hold above USD70 in 2018
2) Low 2+% dividend
3) To cash out to buy into another higher yield stock which I am still Q-ing for at this moment.

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