Monday, January 24, 2022

Car rental: GetGo review


Ever since my most favorite Smove car rental company wind up in 2020, I had not rent a car till now.

Recently, I came across a car rental company named GetGo, due to its striking car decal spotted in many carparks (over 900+ locations) and on the roads. 

The WOW portion of GetGo

  1. From registration to drive off within 20mins or less
    • Yes, sounds insane but it is possible. All you need is download GetGo apps, register via Singpass and book your car 
  2. No deposit if you register via Singpass
  3. No documents to upload if you register via Singpass
  4. No monthly membership fees
  5. Pay per use
  6. Many locations (over 900++ carparks)
  7. Only require apps (Booking is contactless and available 24 x 7)
  8. 5% of total rental cost for optional Collision Damage Waiver
  9. You receive $5 credit if you sign up via my ref code (KQ67GPSU) or click here
  10. You receive $6 credit if you help to top up their petrol from 1/4 tank to full tank
    • No payment required for petrol top up at all Esso station as car equip with Esso card
  11. FAQ & Live chat options available within apps
  12. Simple apps UI interface
  13. Community car
    • You cannot book GetGo to drive Grab. 
    • If you living in a good and social responsible community, the car condition should be good.

What can be improved:
  1. Currently Getgo is a Point A to Point A rental services
    • If they can return the car to diff location from collection, it will be awesome
  2. It require bluetooth to "connect" to your car currently
    • In order to lock your car or start/end your booking, you need to turn on your phone bluetooth. 
    • Connecting to the car via bluetooth require around 5 secs

Signing up? :) :) :)
You receive $5 credit if you sign up via my ref code (KQ67GPSU) or click here

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