Thursday, September 23, 2021

SOLD: Ascendas REIT


Sold 3,100 shares of Ascendas REIT on 20 Sep at $3.13

Total profit $854.60 (9.4%) in 6 months.

Reason for selling:

1) Lock in profit to buy another SGX stock

Ascendas REIT is still a good REIT to me.

However, as quite a few of my SGX watchlist stock have drop to a yummy level, thus locking in profit to buy another SGX stock.

As I bought Ascendas REIT via traditional stock broker, aside from the high commission price, I still need to wait for T+2 for the money to credit in. Price of my watchlist seem to have rise and I shall monitor for a while more. 

This is why Tiger brokers / Moomoo seem alot more attractive compare to traditional stock broker.


I used POEMS for more than 1 decade and DBS Vickers for few years.
Between these 2 platform, I prefer POEMS due to its simple UI.

I started using Tiger only in Dec 2020 and it is now my preferred brokerage firm.

The advantages of Tiger over POEMS are:
  • The UI & UX of its apps
  • Easy to use & useful features
    • News feed
    • Analysis in easy to read graphical chart / diagram
  • Instant
    • Cash instantly appear in my Tiger account once I sold it instead of the need to wait for few days to reach my bank account
    • Ability to convert diff currency instantly and consider its good exchange rate
  • Super low fees 
  • Benefits such as Stock voucher aka free money
  • Games  (Predict the Market's Rise and Fall)
    • The tiger coins won can be used to exchange for Stock voucher ($$$) [Super practical]
    • Daily check in to Tiger apps will earn you tiger coins too :D

Tiger broker is giving new sign up user 1 x Apple share + 60 commission free trades + 500 Tiger coins if you makes an initial deposit of at least 2000 SGD or equivalent currency.

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